June 2 2010 FEA Europe Update

1. Home Stretch
2. Successes
3. Summer Travel
4. Graduate Credits
5. FRS Training Dates
6. Supporting Your FRS
7. Bavaria DR and Europe HCR
8. MORE Free Stuff
9. FEA Annual Meeting/NEA RA
10. Stay Informed

1. Home Stretch - I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend, and that your last few weeks of school go smoothly. I will be sending out a final update in our last week, on June 16th.

2. Successes - At this time of year, especially after such a difficult one, it is good to take time to reflect on the successes which you have certainly had this year...that student who made such great progress, the family you connected with, the student who thanked you for your help, all of those the rush and pressure of the school year, sometimes we don't celebrate those moments like we should. Give your self, or a colleague, a pat on the back. You do make a difference!

3. Summer Travel - Be sure to take all the websites, passwords, and other information you need with you over the summer and keep them in a safe location. You may also need to take the directions for how to change your Outlook password. It is also a good idea to travel with extra photocopies of your travel documents, etc. If you are traveling to the US this summer, think about any renewals you need to take care of: driver's licenses, voter registration, or other paper work.

4. Graduate Credits - A continuing concern of our members is the lack of professional development offered, as well as the difficulty in obtaining course work for credits for certification or a pay lane change. The NEA is expanding their offerings through the "NEA Academy." Among the courses offered are "21st Century Teaching and Learning," "Web 2.0 Collaborative Instruction," and "Introduction to Differentiated Instruction." For an overview of what is offered, as well as information about Graduate Credits for some of these courses, go to It is a good idea to contact DoDEA licensure/certification branch with the University name, course title, etc. before paying tuition and fees in order to insure the credit will be accepted and to save that correspondence.

This is an excellent opportunity for our members. FEA continues to work with NEA to offer opportunities for our members to access worthwhile, relevant training and to obtain credits for that training.

5. FRS Training Dates for SY 10/11 - For your planning purposes, the FRS Contract Training Dates are as follows:

Friday Sept 10 - Isles (England Schools) (Training location TBA in the Lakenheath Complex)
Monday Sept 13 - Kaiserslautern (Training in Kaiserslautern)
Monday Sept 13 - Heidelberg (including Isles Schools on the continent) (Training in Wiesbaden)
Wednesday Sept 15 - Bavaria (Training in Nuremberg)
Thursday/Friday Sept 16,17 - The European Area Council will meet in Garmisch

Please note, the dates above are correct... there are two trainings scheduled on Sept 13.

6. Supporting Your FRS - When electing your FRS for next year, please remember that while one person may be elected, the job of representing our members has to be a team effort. Think of ways in which you can help...offer to attend a meeting with, or in place of, your FRS...offer to decorate the FEA bulletin board, distribute newsletters, forward e-mails, take notes at a meeting, organize a meeting or social...none of these take a great deal of time or a long term commitment, but they are very important ways to support the FRS in their work.

Clearly, as a team, we all need to work together. Bring your concerns and suggestions directly to the FRS and FR's and work with them in order to help them and all of the FEA team, to represent our members.

Please continue to notify your District Reps and Area Directors of local election results.

7. Bavaria District Representative and Europe HCR - Due to Alex Veto's selection to serve out the remaining one year of the Area Director's term, the EAC has selected Terry McClain, FRS at Garmisch E/MS as the Bavaria District Rep. At the same time, Alina Rozanski, Netzaberg MS, was selected to fill the HCR Europe position being vacated by Linda Callender as she transfers to the Pacific. Alina is currently serving as HCR for the Bavaria District, so this new vacancy will need to be filled as well. Any Bavaria member can apply by sending your name and a short statement to Alex Veto at by June 7th.

8. MORE Free Stuff - In my last Update, I mentioned the free resources you can find through the NEA Website. As I was checking out those links, I followed one of the links to request free posters from Teachers Count. ( They have arrived already! These would be great for your FEA bulletin board or any other place where you want to celebrate teachers. Another source of free resources is Lots of good resources are just a click away. Also, don't forget to check out the Member Benefits link on the NEA homepage.

9. FEA Annual Meeting/NEA RA - The FEA Annual Meeting and NEA Representative Assembly will take place this year in New Orleans. The Annual Meeting is open to all members and takes place June 30th and July 1st. The RA runs July 1 - 6 and is always an amazing experience. If you are going to be in the New Orleans area during that time, consider stopping in. Check the FEA website for details and information.

10. Stay Informed -- Michael Priser's June 1st President's Report has lots of important information. It is also available on the FEA website. This FEA listserv update is a valuable resource for members. If you've not done so already, we urge all FEA members to sign up for the listserv (you will need your FEA membership ID number to register). Doing so will ensure you receive updates as soon as they go out, including over the summer.

The end of the year is a hectic and stressful time...hang in there.

Thanks for all you do,