June 15 2010 FEA Europe Update

1. Final Update of the Year
2. An Early Christmas List
3. "What's Wrong With This Picture?"
4. District Teachers of the Year Announced
5. Keep Informed
6. Contact Information
7. Summer Mailings
8. Local Associations Award Scholarships
9. FRS Training Dates for SY 10/11
10. Training Rescheduled
11. Extra Duty Compensation
12. Check Those Dates!
13. June Area JCC Notes
14. Personal Notes and Thank You's

1. Final Update of the Year - I am sending this Update out just a little early this week since the end of the year tends to be very busy. And what a year it has been! This is a rather lengthy Update, but there is a lot of information at the last minute.

2. An Early Christmas List - As we finish up this year, I look forward with hope to the next school year. Here are a few of the things I am wishing for...A year with no surprise implementations....a year of collaborative leadership at all levels...a year with no surprise school closures, or unexpected growth spurts....a year with better communication...a year with reasonable suspense dates...a year with relevant and appropriate professional development...a year where teachers feel supported and respected...a year of teachers continuing to do great things for kids...a year of continuing excellence for DoDEA schools.

3. "What's Wrong With This Picture?" - I still am at a loss as to why, in the last week of school, we still have school/district administrator vacancies, which have been known for months, that have not been filled yet.

4. District Teachers of the Year Announced - Congratulations to the following teachers who have been selected as Teacher of the Year for their respective districts: Alina Rozanski, Netzaberg MS, Bavaria District; Angelica Jordan, Mannheim ES, Heidelberg District; Anita Hacker, Lakenheath MS, Isles District; and Micheline Huntley, Wetzel ES, Kaiserslautern District. The teachers are wonderful representatives of the outstanding teachers we have all over DoDDS-E.

5. Keep Informed - Even as the year ends, and summer arrives, it is important to keep informed. Check the FEA website periodically for important news and information. ( There are currently two important legal updates on the website as well as Michael's "President's Reports."

6. Contact Information - As noted in John's recent Update, if you are leaving the system, either resigning or retiring, make sure that DoDDS-E has up to date contact information for you. If you don't have a phone number to give, at least make sure there is a non-DoDEA email address or other contact information for you. Also, if you have an outstanding grievance or goodbye grievance, make sure to keep your contact information current with FEA and your UniServ attorney.

7. Summer Mailings - FRS's: Please make sure that FEA has a contact name and address for things to be mailed out toward the end of the summer, like membership and other materials for your school and local association.

8. Local Associations Award Scholarships - This is the time of year when a number of our local associations are awarding scholarships to deserving students in their areas. Thank you to all of those who work on these worthwhile projects, raising funds, reviewing applications, etc. Your work and your assistance to these students make their futures brighter.

9. FRS Training Dates for SY 10/11 - For your planning purposes, the FRS Contract Training Dates are as follows:

Friday Sept 10 - Isles (England Schools) (Training location TBA in the Lakenheath Complex)
Monday Sept 13 - Kaiserslautern (Training in Kaiserslautern)
Monday Sept 13 - Heidelberg (including Isles Schools on the continent) (Training in Wiesbaden)
Wednesday Sept 15 - Bavaria (Training in Nuremberg)
Thursday/Friday Sept 16,17 - The European Area Council will meet in Garmisch

Please note, the dates above are correct... there are two trainings scheduled on Sept 13.

The Contract language regarding the number of representatives for this training is attached.

10. Training Rescheduled - The workshop cancelled due to the volcanic eruption (Strategic Leadership Development-Group Process Skills) has been rescheduled for October 16-17, 2010 in Kaiserslautern. More information will be available in the fall. One graduate credit will be available. POC for this workshop is Terese Sarno.

11. Extra Duty Compensation - Be sure to have your EDC contract and to know the amount of hours expected and compensation before beginning activities in late summer and early fall. The Contract language, Article 27, is attached, including the correct language for the contracts.

12. Check Those Dates! - I have run this item before, but still have members who don't check and realize too late that driver's licenses, passports, ID cards, etc. have expired. At the end of the year is a good time to check those things. If any of them need to be renewed this summer while you are stateside, don't forget that while you are there!

13. June Area JCC Notes - We will be sending out the notes of our meeting last week as soon as we have them finalized.

14. Personal Notes and Thank You's - Let me take this opportunity to thank the many people who have worked so diligently this year for our members. This has been a difficult year, with many changes and challenges. First of all, a huge thank you to the FRS's and FR's who have done so much this year, including distributing information like our Updates, monitoring and reporting vacancies, and fielding questions from members. The FRS's are vital to our organization and our members. Thanks also to the local officers who make our locals viable and who help our FRS's to serve our members.

Obviously, many thanks to John Luchtman, my counterpart...John is a true team player who works tirelessly for our members. He served as District Rep for Bavaria for many years, and then as the Area Director for the past 3 years. He has literally given years to FEA, and I will miss him and I thank him for his service and dedication. I also want to thank our European Area Council. Alex Veto, Nancy Almendras, Lisa Ali, Kate Alexander, and Linda Callender have all worked diligently for their members and have helped me immensely. A special thanks to Linda as she moves to the Pacific; she has added greatly to our EAC and to the HCR program in Europe. Our UniServ attorneys, Jan & Bill Freeman and Sequitta Banks are amazing, knowledgeable and always available. Michael Priser and all of our At-Large Officers, as well as HT Nguyen and our whole DC staff are also valuable resources for me and for our members. I will certainly miss Trudy Pollard as she leaves the BOD and FEA Europe; her calm presence and wise counsel have been a help to us all.

And of course, thank you to each and every FEA member. FEA really is the "sum of its parts" and our strength is in our members. Thank you for your participation and support. It has been a privilege and an honor to work with you this year.

My thanks too, to those in management who have worked cooperatively WITH us in order to resolve problems.

Unfortunately, at the end of the year, we have to say goodbye to many wonderful people. Deb Gothia, our Administrative Assistant, will be leaving, and that will be a big loss for me. She has made my job and my life MUCH better.

Have a wonderful summer....if you are going on to "life after DoDDS," or moving to a different DoDEA region, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. If you are returning in August, I look forward to working with you again next year.

All the best,

Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel/Fax: 0611-44756234
0611-44756131 or DSN 335-5373/69