June 10 2009 FEA Europe Update

1. District HR will move to the Area Office July 1
2. Article 8 of the Negotiated Agreement for Staffing Procedures
3. FEA Survey Reminder
4. Timeline for Email Account
5. Change in Payroll Dues Deductions
6. Thank YOU!

1. District HR will move to the Area Office July 1: (for most, some have already moved) Their current email addresses will continue to work but naturally they will have new phone numbers. We will try to get those new numbers out in August. Please see attached information concerning HR POCS.

I shamelessly have copied directly from Debra Degalis' Pacific Update (actually she has given permission) the next item.

2. Article 8 of the Negotiated Agreement for Staffing Procedures:
The Negotiated Agreement can be found on

Article 8 of the Negotiated Agreement addresses staffing procedures.

Section 1: to fill vacancies with in the school
Section 2: to fill vacancies within the complex
Section 3: teaching assignments for the following school year

3. FEA Survey: FEA firmly believes that YOUR voice should be heard when decisions are made about our schools. In order to give you a chance to voice your opinions, FEA will be conducting a system wide survey of our members. The FEA Membership Survey is in its final testing stages and should be ready to "go live" by around May 15. The survey will be accessible to FEA members via our Web site ( and will include questions on topics such as Excent, GradeSpeed, SIP, Technology, and FEA operations, among others. Once online, we will make the survey available for at least one month, in order to give as many members as possible an opportunity to submit their opinions. (You will need your FEA membership number, which is on your membership card or the publications which come to you directly from NEA or FEA.) More information will be forthcoming in the May 15 President's Report, as well as the FEA Journal newsletter that will be mailed out toward the middle of the month.

4. Timeline for Email Account: Moves and Deletions (from Friday Packet)
Users transferring within DoDDS-Europe will have their email accounts moved to their gaining school location.

Users transferring to another DoDEA area (DoDDS-Pacific, DDESS, or DoDEA HQ) will have their accounts deleted from DoDDS-Europe at the end of the summer period (August 31).

Email accounts will remain active during the summer months and you will be able to send/receive mail through Outlook Web Access (OWA) via any computer that has access to the Internet. The address for DoDDS-Europe OWA is Your regular login name and password will be sufficient to access your account. Please note that items in personal folders (.pst files) are NOT available through OWA.

Users leaving DoDEA (resigning, retiring, etc.) will have their accounts deleted to coincide with their separation date.

5. Change in Payroll Dues Deductions: FEA members who want to change your dues payment for next school year must submit a form SF1188 (available from your school secretary) to Linda Shahan, FEA Europe Membership Processor, with a copy to their DoDDS Customer Service Rep at their DSO by 1 September 2009. Cancellations received after that date cannot be processed for SY 2009/2010. Please send by email via digital sender or mail to :Linda Shahan, CMR 419, Box 1566, APO AE 09102. Teachers transferring in from the Pacific need to make sure they fill out a new form SF 1187 if you want your deductions to continue here in Europe.

6. Chuck was correct in his thanks to all that who have selfishly given so much of their time this year. I, too, would like to thank all of our FRSes, local leaders the European Area Council, Jan and Bill Freeman and Sequitta Banks for your help, counsel and time away from family! A couple of folks that work behind the scene that do so much for us (here in Europe) Chris Havlik, (previously mentioned) Linda Shahan, our WONDERFUL membership processor, and my wife Mary Luchtman. All of those helping Chuck and me to keep on the straight and narrow path! The point I am trying to make is, even with all of these individuals, we are so much stronger because or of our unity! We, FEA, have one purpose, one job and that is to enforce the Contract and help our members!

Have a great summer! I hope we all come back refreshed and renewed for what will be another "interesting" year!

My deepest respect,

John Luchtman
FEA Europe Area Director
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