June 1, 2011 FEA Europe Update

1. Home Stretch
2. Successes
3. Supporting Your FRS
4. Fall FRS Training
5. Membership Information
6. Local Associations Award Scholarships
7. Contacting Me
8. Watch Your LES Carefully
9. Closing Schools
10. Leaving DoDEA?
11. Area JCC
12. Other AD Travels
13. Isles District Rep and Heidelberg HCR
14. Looking Ahead

1. Home Stretch - I hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend, and that your last few weeks of school go smoothly. Alex will send out one more update next week and I will be sending out a final update in our last week, on June 15th.

2. Successes - At this time of year, it is good to take time to reflect on the successes which you have certainly had this year...that student who made such great progress, the family you connected with, the student who thanked you for your help, all of those the rush and pressure of the school year, sometimes we don't celebrate those moments like we should. Give yourself, or a colleague, a pat on the back. You do make a difference!

3. Supporting your FRS - Many thanks to those of you who have served as FRS's or FR's this year, and also to those who have "stepped up" to the job for next year.

When electing your FRS for next year, please remember that while one person may be elected, the job of representing our members has to be a team effort. Think of ways in which you can help...offer to attend a meeting with, or in place of, your FRS...offer to decorate the FEA bulletin board, distribute newsletters, forward e-mails, take notes at a meeting, organize a meeting or social...none of these take a great deal of time or a long term commitment, but they are very important ways to support the FRS in their work.

Clearly, as a team, we all need to work together. Bring your concerns and suggestions directly to the FRS and FR's and work with them in order to help them and all of the FEA team, to represent our members.

Please continue to notify your District Reps and Area Directors of local election results. It is very important that we have this information in order to set up distribution lists for the fall. We want to make sure every school gets information right away when SY 11-12 begins.

4. Fall FRS Training - For your planning purposes, the schedule for Fall FRS training is as follows:

9 September - Isles Training (schools in England)
12 September - Bavaria
14 September - Kaiserslautern and Heidelberg Districts (including the Isles schools on the continent)
15,16 September - EAC Meetings

Further information about times, exact locations, etc. will be provided later.

5. Membership Information - Membership information will be sent from FEA Washington during the summer to either the FRS or the Membership Chairperson. Please make sure our Washington office ( has your correct APO mailing address.

6. Local Associations Award Scholarships - This is the time of year when a number of our local associations are awarding scholarships to deserving students in their areas. Thank you to all of those who work on these worthwhile projects, raising funds, reviewing applications, etc. Your work and your assistance to these students make their futures brighter.

7. Contacting Me -- The phone/fax in my office "died" this past week, so that number is no longer functional. Please use the 131 number or the DSN number listed below. Also, the last few weeks have been even crazier than usual. If you have written me and I have not responded, please send a gentle reminder.

8. Watch Your LES Carefully -- We cannot say it often enough! Watch your LES for unexplained changes or deductions.

9. Closing Schools -- In the coming days, three DoDDS-E schools will be closing: Mark Twain ES in Heidelberg, Mannheim MS and Mannheim HS. These schools have long histories of providing countless students with outstanding educations. The closing ceremonies will certainly be bittersweet celebrations of these schools, their students, teachers, and alumni. As the teachers from these schools move to new assignments or leave DoDEA, we wish them the very best in the future.

10. Leaving DoDEA? -- If you are leaving the system, either resigning or retiring, make sure that DoDDS-E has up to date contact information for you. If you don't have a phone number to give, at least make sure there is a non-DoDEA email address or other contact information for you. Also, if you have an outstanding grievance or goodbye grievance, make sure to keep your contact information current with FEA and your UniServ attorney.

11. Area JCC -- Our last regularly scheduled Area JCC meeting will be Thursday June 2nd. Area Director-elect Lisa Ali will be joining us as part of her transition into the new position.

12. Other AD Travels -- Alex will be in Netzaberg today and here Thursday for the Area JCC meeting. Friday I will be at the closing ceremony for Mark Twain ES.

13. Isles District Representative and Heidelberg District HCR - Due to Lisa Ali's election as Area Director, the EAC has selected Anita Lang, Lakenheath HS, as the Isles District Rep to fill the remaining one year of the term. At the same time, Amy Rush, Patch ES, was selected to fill the Heidelberg HCR position being vacated by Valerie SanJuan as she transfers to the Pacific. All District Rep and HCR positions will be up for regularly scheduled election from the membership next school year. Information and applications will be printed in the fall edition of the Unity.

14. Looking Ahead -- Don't forget, next school year begins August 23. The 2011-2012 DoDDS School Year will start on a Tuesday instead of the customary Wednesday. Plan ahead as you make your summer plans. The four days in August (23-26) will be non-student days (three work days and one professional development day). The shift in the calendar happens when the winter break is extended by one day because the Federal holiday for New Year's falls on a Monday.

Thanks for all you do,


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
0611-44756131 or DSN 335-5373/69