May 9 2014 FEA Europe Update

Lisa's FEA Europe Update

09 May 2014

Area JCC
Music in Art Summer Course in Florence
21/26 Pay Periods Election
Local Leader Elections
FRS Training Dates for Fall
European General Membership Meeting/Association Day
NEA/RA/FEA General Membership Meeting in Denver
Articles from Federal Retirement Website, including the latest TSP Returns
Goodbye Grievance
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From Our Members

Area JCC: The next Area JCC will be held Tuesday, 03 June in Wiesbaden.

MUSIC IN ART SUMMER COURSE in FLORENCE organized by The British Institute 30 June-11 July 2014

Study History of Art on-site and in context through month-long courses on renaissance art, or shorter courses on a theme.

History of art courses / The Thematic Series / Music in Art (June-July)

The Thematic Series is a collection of shorter, stand-alone courses exploring the Italian Renaissance and beyond through specific themes. These are 5 to 10 day programs, and students may enroll for anything from a single session to the full week or two weeks of a course.

Music in Art (30 June-11 July 2014 )
Lecturer: KATE BOLTON has over 25 years' professional experience in the early and Classical music world. She teaches Baroque and Classical music and cultural history at the Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici. Her post-graduate thesis focused on music and dance in 14th century Italy, since when she has published extensively as an academic, journalist and critic. Prior to moving to Italy in 2007, she was Senior Producer, BBC Arts & Classical Music, and Artistic Director of the prestigious Lufthansa Festival of Baroque Music, in London.

Music in Art will illuminate the fascinating web of connections between the visual arts, music and dance, from Antiquity to the 18th century. Richly illustrated with musical examples, slides and visits to galleries, the course will animate and set in context scenes of music-making and dancing; it will bring to life portraits of musicians and composers, and unveil the mysteries of musical symbolism and allegory.

We will ‘hear' Greco-Roman ceramics and sculptures, mediaeval frescoes and manuscript illuminations, iconic Gothic art works, and celebrated paintings by Fra Angelico, Caravaggio, Dürer, Lippi, Michelangelo, Raphael, Vermeer, Veronese and others. Integral to the course are guided visits to the Uffizi, the Accademia, Florentine churches, monasteries and libraries, and to an instrument maker's workshop. Related concerts will also be suggested.

The full course: 450 euros; 1 week: 250 euros; per session: 45 euros €

From 30/06/2014 to 11/07/2014 450,00 Euros

more info here

Program: From Antiquity to the Renaissance
Monday: Lecture Maenads and Muses, Sirens and Satyrs: scenes of music-making and dancing, both Apollonian and Dionysian, in ceramics, sculptures and mosaics from Classical Antiquity.
Tuesday: Visit The Uffizi Gallery
Wednesday: Lecture Angels and Devils: the soundscapes of heaven and hell, the Underworld and Elysium.
Visit The Accademia Gallery
Thursday: Visit The church of Santa Maria Novella and the Laurentian Library's collection of illuminated manuscripts.
Friday: Visit The convent and museum of San Marco, including the collection of illuminated music manuscripts.Renaissance and Baroque
Monday: Lecture Divine Harmonies: the divine power of music expressed through depictions of pagan gods and heroes, and biblical saints and sinners.
Tuesday: Lecture Venus and Vanitas: musical metaphors, symbolism and the still-life.
Wednesday: Lecture Concerts and Music-Making: focusing on the works of Caravaggio, Velasquez, Vermeer and Veronese.
Visit A musical instrument maker's workshop.
Thursday: Visit The Accademia's collection of musical instruments.
Friday: Lecture Musical Portraits

(Thank you to Terese Sarno, President of the Overseas Art Education Association for providing this information.)

21/26 Pay Periods Election: May 31st is the last day if you want to switch between 21/26 pay periods. Please submit the necessary form to the personnel secretary at your school for processing. Bill Freeman, FEA UniServ, recommends that if you are currently receiving your pay over 26 pay periods, that you switch back to 21 pay periods before you retire. So, if you are planning to retire within the next year, this is your only opportunity to make this switch.

Remember, you cannot submit the form after May 31st, so do not leave it too late.

Local Leader Elections: By now, most of our schools have completed local leader elections for the next school year. Many of you have already sent us the results, but if you have not, please do so soon.

FRS Training Dates for the Fall: Below is the schedule for FRS training dates for the fall. Your Division Representative will be in touch with FRSs directly with times and locations of the training.

September 8 Bavaria
September 10 Kaiserslautern 1 and Kaiserslautern 2(Including Isles Continent Schools)
September 15 Isles

FEA General Membership Meeting/Association Day: A general membership meeting for FEA members in Europe as well as Association Day will be held on Saturday, 13 September, 2014, in Wiesbaden. All members in Europe are invited to attend. More details will follow later in regards to location and times, but it's not too early to mark your calendars.

NEA RA/FEA Meeting: Our annual FEA General Meeting will take place June 30 and July 1 in Denver, Colorado, followed by the NEA Representative Assembly. If you will be in the Denver area during this time, you are more than welcome to attend the FEA General Membership Meeting. For more information on location and times, contact the FEA Washington office.

Articles from
TSP returns updated 02 May 2014
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Potential costs of a TSP Loan
New Rules on IRA Rollovers

Goodbye Grievance: If you are planning to retire or resign this year, or just leaving Europe, make sure you FILE and ELEVATE a goodbye grievance before your last duty day. If your FRS does not have a copy, please contact your District Representative or Area Director.

Brain Teaser: Jay burst into the Bathroom Readers' Institute during a winter storm. "Man, it's really come down out there," he said. "This stormy weather reminds me of a certain seven letter word. Each time you remove one letter, you have another common word; remove another letter, and you have another word. You don't even have to rearrange the letters. It works all the way down until you're left with one letter, which is also a word."

What is this seven-letter word? Contact me with your answers.

From Our Members: As always, if you have any news to share with our membership, please let me know, and if possible, I will include it in my updates.

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