May 9 2012 FEA Europe Update

1. Principal Placements
2. Area Directors' Travels
3. Retirement Recognition
4. Kaiserslautern HCR Coordinator
5. Teacher Appreciation Week
6. Mileage Rates
7. National School Nurse Day
8. EAC
9. BAS
10. Mark Your Calendars
11. Faculty Representative Spokesperson (FRS)
12. FEA Annual Meeting/NEA RA
13. No Explanation Needed
14. Update

1. Principal Placements -- Principal reassignments and appointments are nearly finished. Attached is the latest list from the Area JCC held on May 2. They are currently working on any possible moves at the DSO level.

2. Area Directors' Travels -- After all the travels of the last two weeks both Lisa and I will be staying close to home for the remainder of this week and on in to next. For next week I am working on some school visits in the Ramstein area. The schedule is not finalized as of yet, but I do know that I will be at Ramstein MS on Wednesday afternoon.

3. Retirement Recognition - If you have members who are retiring this year, and you would like an FEA certificate to present to them, please send a list of your retirees to Marcia Anglim at . We will forward the lists to FEA HQ so that those members can receive a certificate of appreciation for their service and membership. Please include the address where the certificates should be mailed. In order to allow the certificates to be mailed out in a timely fashion please submit the list of retirees no later than May 11.

4. Kaiserslautern HCR Coordinator -- This past week the EAC addressed the fact that this position would be vacant for next year with Linda Ware-Brown having won the European HCR position. Following past practice and EAC guidelines we asked for nominees and received the names of three very good candidates. The EAC voted by secret ballot and in the end Reyhan Dickinson of Bitburg ES was named the new Kaiserslautern HCR Coordinator. Congratulations to Reyhan and a big thank you to all that volunteered to take on this important job.

5. Teacher Appreciation Week -- As this Update hits your mailbox we are in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week. Many schools, communities, PTSA's, Student Councils, etc., have special events planned to honor their teachers. If something special was/is being done for your staff please let me know. I would like to publish some of it in one of the upcoming editions of the Unity. It would be a way to thank the groups that recognize the roll that teachers play in the everyday life of our communities. In any event, we all know the importance of what we do. Take a second this week to reflect on it. There is always lots of criticism and what feels like little praise, so take this week to pat each other on the back.

6. Mileage Rates -- As of April 17 official mileage rates have changed to $.555 per mile. Please see here for more information.

7. National School Nurse Day - School nurses work to promote health and provide the best care possible to students and their families. Take time on this day to look at the difference school nurses make in our schools. See School Nurse Day and learn more about school nurses at the National Association of School Nurses website. On a personal note, I would like to personally thank all our dedicated nurses for their hard work and patience in dealing with our students (and teachers) ! They look after us as well ! Today, May 9 is National School Nurse Day.

8. EAC -- This past week the European Area Council held their semiannual meeting in Wiesbaden. The EAC consists of the four district representatives, the European HCR Coordinator, and the two area directors. Also in attendance as guests were FEA Vice President BettyLou Cummins, FEA Executive Director H.T. Nguyen, and President Michael Priser. Also a special thanks to Gina Ashton of Aukamm ES for helping out at the meeting in the absence of one of our members. Many issues important to our members in Europe were discussed and a number of problems solved. On Friday afternoon our DoDDS Europe Area Director, Dr. Nancy Bresell, addressed the group and also conducted a question and answer session. We thank her for sharing her time. Also, a special thank you is due to Heidelberg District Representative Nancy Almendras for all the work she did helping organize the meetings.

9. BAS -- There have been an avalanche of questions and concerns regarding the DoDEA decision to mandate BAS testing for the Spring. At this point the best information as to where we are with this issue can be found at In particular, the President's Report of May 7 deals entirely with this issue. As we go forward more information will be posted at that site. You will hear a number of different versions in the field, but if you want the official news and updates please check the website.

10. Mark Your Calendars --

May 6-12 -- Teacher Appreciation Week
May 9 -- National School Nurse Day
May 13 -- Mother's Day
May 19 -- Armed Forces Day
May 28 -- Memorial Day

11. Faculty Representative Spokesperson (FRS) -- It is the time of the year again when schools need to be thinking about choosing their FRS for school year 2012/2013. Normally this is completed in May. As of this writing, many schools have already completed their voting and others are preparing to do so. As soon as your school knows the results please let us know so that we can update our records.

12. FEA Annual Meeting/NEA RA - We often say that FEA is unique among the NEA's 51 "state" affiliates. One of the ways in which we differ from the other states is that, due to our worldwide locations, we hold our Annual Meeting in conjunction with the RA. This is the only time of the year that we are able to bring so many members from our worldwide locations together to discuss the issues which face FEA and DoDEA. This year's annual meeting is June 29 & 30 in Washington, D.C. Any member is welcome to attend, so if you are going to be in the Washington area during that time, check out the information on the FEA website and plan to stop by and participate.

13. No Explanation Needed --

14. Update -- The next Update will be sent out by Lisa on May 16. My next Update will be May 23, followed by my last of the year on June 6. Hard to believe that I just wrote that ! Time is flying by. Please know that if there is any breaking news that we will get it out immediately.


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