May 6, 2009 FEA Europe Update

1. Teacher Appreciation Week!
2. National School Nurse Day
3. International Nurse Day
4. DoDEA Staffing Proposals
5. FEA Survey
6. E-mail Addresses
7. ACDE Meeting
8. Excessed Teachers
9. Classroom Management
10. Best Practice - Partnership
11. VERA Offered Again
12. Retro Pay Worksheets
13. Local Leader Training
14. Area Director Travels

1. Teacher Appreciation Week! This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. I hope that those around you - students, parents, administrators, and colleagues are taking this time to thank you for the important work you do. One of the best parts of my job is the chance to visit schools and to see the great work our teachers do every day with their students. It is a privilege for me to represent such dedicated and caring teachers.

2. National School Nurse Day - Today is the day set aside to thank our wonderful school nurses. We are fortunate to have such knowledgeable and compassionate nurses in our schools. Please make sure to thank them today.

3. International Nurse Day- Another chance to thank your school nurse is May 12th, International Nurses Day...for further information go to:

4. DoDEA Staffing Proposals - I am certain that you have read the reports of the staffing changes proposed by DoDEA. FEA is adamantly opposed to this type of cut and is actively working to inform members about the effects of these proposals. If you are not signed up to receive the FEA "President's Report" directly, go to to sign up. The FEA website and Michael's report will keep you informed about this and other important issues.

5. FEA Survey -- FEA firmly believes that YOUR voice should be heard when decisions are made about our schools. In order to give you a chance to voice your opinions, FEA will be conducting a system wide survey of our members. The FEA Membership Survey is in its final testing stages and should be ready to "go live" by around May 15. The survey will be accessible to FEA members via our Web site ( and will include questions on topics such as Excent, GradeSpeed, SIP, Technology, and FEA operations, among others. Once online, we will make the survey available for at least one month, in order to give as many members as possible an opportunity to submit their opinions. (You will need your FEA membership number, which is on your membership card or the publications which come to you directly from NEA or FEA.) More information will be forthcoming in the May 15 President's Report, as well as the FEA Journal newsletter that will be mailed out toward the middle of the month.

6. E-mail Addresses- A reminder: Due to security changes in DoDEA Outlook, FEA has had to change several addresses that previously went through the HQ server. Please use the following addresses when contacting these people: (for messages sent to Connie Shanaghan, Barbara Wright, Gary Hritz or Nereyda Jones) (for messages sent to H.T. Nguyen, Richard Tarr, or Patricia Weil) (for messages sent to FEA President Michael Priser) (for messages sent to Europe UniServ Attorney Jan Freeman) (for messages sent to Europe UniServ Attorney Bill Freeman) (use to contact Europe UniServ Attorney Sequitta Banks. Note: Sequitta does not use the NEA email system.)

If you have sent any messages to us through the DoDEA Outlook mail in the past week that we have not yet responded to, we ask that you forward these messages to us again using one of the above addresses.
You may want to print this out and keep it for reference.

7. ACDE Meeting - On Friday, May 1st, I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Advisory Council on Dependents Education. At this meeting, two teams reported on their visits to schools in Baumholder and Wiesbaden. The teams, made up of military, Dept. of Education personnel, DoDEA, FEA, parents, and other stakeholders, universally praised the schools for their committed and caring faculties, the differentiated instruction they saw, and the use of data to inform the CSP and instruction. The schools in these two communities are great examples of the high quality of our schools across DoDEA.

8. Excessed Teachers - If you are an FEA member who was excessed and requested reconsideration, please be sure to inform Connie Shanaghan so that she can verify that your name has been included on the HQ reconsideration list. Her e-mail address is As of Tuesday afternoon, we currently have 10 excessed educators who still need placements, so please continue to report any vacancies that occur at your school.

9. Classroom Management - Need some tips on Classroom management and discipline, check out this page from the NEA website.

10. Best Practice -- Partnership - Thanks to Kate Alexander, Kaiserslautern District Rep, for the following item: Educators at Kaiserslautern MS have partnered with the local branch of the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) to develop a curriculum including lesson plans and activities based on healthy foods, nutritional tips, and exercise. The cross curricular lessons, designed for 6th graders, has units and lessons for each of the four quarters of the school year. This program and partnership has garnered national awards, including the 2009 Blue Apple National Health Education Award. The Stars & Stripes this week recognized the school for this outstanding achievement. For more information about this great program, contact Kate Alexander or Kimberly Howe.

11. VERA Offered Again - Attached is the announcement of an additional opportunity for VERA. We have asked several times and had previously been told it would not be offered again. However, the announcement came out Tuesday that it is being offered for a very short timeframe. Applications will be accepted between May 5 and May 15. Contact your District HR specialist if you have questions.

12. Retro Pay Worksheets - You should be receiving a printed worksheet showing the calculation of your retroactive pay. If you have not received it, ask your school secretary.

13. Local Leader Training - Last Call! Please let me know if you are interested in attending a "Local Leader Training" in the Mannheim/Heidelberg area on May 16th. We are trying to finalize plans for this meeting. While we call it "Local Leader Training," it is really for anyone interested in learning more about the Association and how it works. The training will be from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the Association providing lunch.

14. Area Director Travels - John and I will both be traveling this month, visiting schools. Please forgive any delay in our responses to your e-mails.

Especially this week, I want to say thank you for all you do,


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
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