May 5 2010 FEA Europe Update

1. Area Directors' Travels
2. Teacher Appreciation Week
3. Area Director Position Filled
4. Nominations Needed
5. Local Elections
6. Celebrations in May
7. Transfer Questions
8. Principal Feedback Survey
9. Retiring Members
10. Paperwork
11. Electronic LES
12. HQ's Special Ed and PE Surveys

1. Area Directors' Travels - This week, I am traveling in the UK, visiting Menwith Hill ES/HS, Lakenheath MS, Lakenheath ES, Alconbury ES and Alconbury HS. On Saturday, May 8th, I will present another in our series of "Local Leaders" Trainings for interested members. The training is at Alconbury HS and will begin at 9:30...for further information, contact Wendy Okamoto, Alconbury HS FRS. Please also forgive any delay in responding to your e-mails while I am out of the office.

2. Teacher Appreciation Week - This week is "Teacher Appreciation Week." I hope that students, parents, administrators and even your colleagues are taking the time to thank you for the important work you do. It is especially nice for me to be out visiting schools this week and seeing the great work of our teachers. It is a privilege to represent such caring and dedicated teachers. I won't put attachments on this Update, but if you want a little reminder about the Heroes among us, just "google" the phrase "Teachers are Heroes" and see some of the inspiring essays which have been written on the subject.

3. Area Director Position Filled - Following our past practice and FEA constitution and by-laws, the EAC has recommended and the FEA BOD has confirmed Alex Veto, Vilseck HS, as the new Area Director for Bavaria and Kaiserslautern for next year. This will fill the vacancy created by John Luchtman's retirement this summer.

4. Nominations Needed - As a result of Alex's move into the Area Director's position for next year, we will need to fill his position as District Rep for the Bavaria District. FEA members currently working in the Bavaria District are eligible to apply for this position. Also, due to Linda Callender's transfer to the Pacific, we will need to select a replacement for FEA Europe's Human and Civil Rights Coordinator. This position is available to all current members in Bavaria, Heidelberg, the Isles, and Kaiserslautern Districts. These positions are part of the EAC and are two year terms. The District Rep position is a half time release position. Members interested in one of these positions should contact John Luchtman at The deadline for applications in May 14th.

5. Local Elections - Please let your District Reps and Area Directors know the results of local elections for FRS, Local Officers, etc. as soon as those results are available.

6. Celebrations in May - May is Asian-Pacific American Month...see the NEA Website for resources to incorporate into your lessons. ( Also, today is Cinco de Mayo! Further information can be found on the website about this celebration as well.

7. Transfer Questions - Please refer all transfer questions to

8. Principal Feedback Survey - Your District Reps have once again sent out the Principal Performance Feedback Survey. If your FRS has distributed this, please take the time to fill out and return this important survey. We want to make sure that teachers have an avenue to express their commendations and concerns about the Administration at their schools. The larger percentage of return, the clearer and more valid the data is. If you or your FRS have questions, please contact your District Rep or Area Director.

9. Retiring Members - Please remember, if you have FEA members at your school who are retiring, to send the names of those members to Deborah Gothia (on Outlook) by May 10, so that FEA HQ can prepare certificates for them.

10. Paperwork - It is extremely important for you to keep paper and/or electronic copies of anything concerning your pay, entitlements, or especially for things which you have to submit like LQA reconciliations, OWC claims, insurance claims, etc. We have had too many examples of teachers submitting paperwork, only to find that somehow it has been lost, and there is no accountability for it. In the end, the teacher may need to resubmit it and it will be much easier if they have the copies. Make sure that you are saving your LES's, SF-50's, etc as well. Electronic LES's can be printed out and saved or downloaded and saved to your home computer, etc.

11. Electronic LES - Speaking of LES's: By order of the Office of Management and Budget, Leave and Earnings Statements (LES) will now be issued electronically to all federal employees. Those who do wish to continue receiving their LES in paper form via mail may go to MyPay and request the paper option.

12. HQ's Special Education and PE Surveys - DoDEA will be conducting a survey over the next two weeks for special education personnel and physical education teachers. The purpose of the survey is to measure the impact on the two initiatives that were implemented by Dr. Joe Tafoya to address needs of special education and physical education teachers. FEA encourages your participation.

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Have a great Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thank you for all you do,


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
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