May 22, 2019 FEA Europe Update

Terry's Update

22 May 2019

1. Pay Increase
2. Fine Arts Cohort
3. Good Bye Grievance
4. Time to Check
5. FRS Elections Info
6. Weingarten Rights Info
7. Stopping Dues
8. Mark Your Calendar
9. DPMAP Info
10. Local Rebate Info
11. Last Area JCC
12. Area Director's Travels

1. Pay Increase -- The retroactive part of our salary increase should have been reflected in your LES for the pay day of May 18. If you do not see an increase in this check, please contact your salary POC. Thanks to all the hard work of so many, including our FEA/Washington staff, for helping get this raise accomplished.

2. Fine Arts Cohort -- Three years ago, an FEA and DoDEA partnership led to the establishment of a Music Cohort to develop a successful professional development plan for the implementation of the new National Core Arts Standards (NCAS), adopted by DoDEA as the CCRS Arts. The cohort was so well received that it was expanded to include Visual Art and Theatre teachers in 2017. For the 2019/2020 SY, we are looking to for new cohort members for vacant slots in Visual Arts, Theatre, and Music. Cohort members agree to complete collaborative cohort work by deadlines stated, to include facilitating CCRS Arts trainings, creating lessons and example videos for training use, and to continue in teacher leader roles in SY 2020/21 by providing active mentoring to DoDEA teachers as they implement the developed CCRS Arts plan. (From the coordinators, Alina Rozanski and Shannon Geraghty)

Are you interested in becoming a cohort member? Please fill out the form below by Friday, May 24th, 2019 so we can communicate with you about next steps and additional specifics, including the application that is due by Friday, May 31st, 2019 (no DoDEA email access is needed to complete this application).

Click here to access the application form for the Cohort

3. Good Bye Grievance - If you are an Overseas employee who is resigning/retiring or moving to a bargaining unit outside of FEA's Overseas bargaining unit, please remember to file and elevate your "Goodbye Grievance" before your last duty day. While it will be denied at every level it's given to, this will invoke your rights and allow FEA to represent you after you are no longer in the FEA Overseas bargaining unit.

4. Time to Check -- It's this time of year when we begin to get RAT orders, start packing our rooms, and many things to wind down the school year. I would like to encourage you to check the expiration dates for your ID card, driver's license, passport, and any other forms of ID needed to be renewed. It is also a good time to look at your DoDEA Certificate. All teachers have six years to get six credits in order to renew their certificates for six more years. This is becoming increasingly more important as DoDEA is becoming more and more stringent about meeting this deadline.

5. FRS Elections - It is the time of year (usually late April in to May) when schools will be choosing their Faculty Representative Spokesperson for SY 19/20. This is a very important task and I hope that all schools will do all they can to run open, fair and transparent elections. Current FRS's have been provided with the SOP for such elections that was adopted by the EAC. Please note that most of what is in the SOP are recommendations as the election of a FRS is a very local matter.

6. Weingarten Rights -- This, unfortunately, is the time of the year when child abuse allegations reach a peak. These can be leveled at any one, not just teachers, who are in contact with children. Should you be accused it is imperative that you invoke your Weingarten Rights. Weingarten Rights guarantee an employee the right to union representation during an investigatory interview by an employer. If the interview could in any way lead to the employee being disciplined or terminated or affect his or her personal or working conditions, he or she should respectfully request that a union representative or officer be present at the meeting. Without representation, the employee may choose not to answer any questions. On the inside cover of the FEA calendar there is a card detailing what you must do. I hope none of us ever need it.

7. Stopping Dues -- If you are an overseas FEA member who pays dues through payroll deductions and you are transferring at the end of the school year, you may need to stop and restart your payroll deductions.

This applies to:
Current Europe teachers who are transferring out of Europe. Members should email their SF 1188 by the end of the school year to Brandy Davis, FEA European Membership Processor at

These teachers will need to cancel payroll deductions in their current location and restart them in their new location. Prior to leaving their current location, they should submit form SF1188 to cancel payroll deductions. Then, once they arrive in their new location, they should submit form SF 1187 to begin payroll deductions. This procedure is necessary because of the variation in local dues among areas. If you have any questions, please contact your Area Director.

(Please note, employees who are retiring or resigning should ALSO submit a form SF 1188 to cancel this payroll deduction.)

8. Mark Your Calendar

May 20-25 -- European Championships for Soccer, Softball, Baseball, and Track (Ramstein/Kaiserslautern)
May 27 -- Memorial Day
May1-31 - Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 1-31 - Jewish American Heritage Month
June 14 -- Flag Day
June 14 -- Last Duty Day

9. DPMAP Evaluation --An arbitrator sided with FEA recently in a grievance over DoDEA's illegal implementation of the Defense Performance Management and Appraisal Program (DPMAP, also known as "New Beginnings") in our Overseas bargaining unit in 2018. The arbitrator ruled DoDEA's actions violated applicable laws and our Overseas Negotiated Agreement by disregarding a Memorandum of Understanding between FEA and management that designated the Educator Performance Appraisal System (EPAS) as the appraisal system of record for the Overseas bargaining unit. The arbitrator ordered DoDEA to reinstate EPAS and to make whole any adversely affected bargaining unit members. However, please understand that this can be appealed and most likely will be. Therefore we are still under the DPMAP system until all appeals are exhausted or a new system is negotiated.

10. Local Rebates -- Brandy Davis, our FEA Europe Membership Processor will be sending out rebate notices to all FEA Europe Area local associations. I want to personally thank Brandy for all of her hard work and efficiency in doing this as well as all the duties this SY. If your local EA has not yet heard from Brandy in the coming weeks you should contact her.

11. Area JCC -- The final Area JCC for SY 18/19 was held on May 16 in Sembach. Minutes of the meeting are attached.

12. Area Director's Travels -- I will be at the great schools of Ansbach as well as at the end of the year gathering for the AEA. However, you can always get up-to-the-minute information from and we hope you will logon to see what's up.

Terry McClain
FEA Europe
Area Director