May 20, 2009 FEA Europe Update

1. FRS and Local Elections
2. Thank You
3. FRS Training for SY 09/10
4. Successful Training
5. Excessed Educators
6. Best Practice
7. Membership Survey
8. Area Directors' Travel
9. Recertification and Licensure
10. What's Wrong With This Picture?

1. FRS and Local Elections - Please make sure to notify your Area Director of the results of your local elections. At this time of year, we are putting together mailing lists for summer and for the start of SY 09 -10. If your school has not elected an FRS by the end of the school year, please make sure that your Area Directors and FEA ( have a contact name and address for the mailing of fall membership materials.

2. Thank You - A special thank you to those individuals who have accepted leadership roles in their schools for next year. Whether as FRS, FR, or local officer, their willingness to serve in these offices is incredibly valuable. Without their work at the school and local levels, FEA could not serve our members as we do. I hope our members will take time to thank those who have served in those positions this year, and those who have volunteered to serve for next year.

3. FRS Training for SY 09/10 - For your planning purposes, our FRS Training sessions for the fall are scheduled as follows:

Friday Sept 11 - Isles (England Schools/Training location TBA in the Lakenheath Area)
Monday Sept 14 - Bavaria (Training in Nuremburg)
Tuesday Sept 15 - Kaiserslautern (Training in Kaiserslautern-Hohenecken)
Wednesday Sept 16 - Heidelberg (Including the Isles schools on the continent/Training in Heidelberg)

The European Area Council meeting will take place Sept 17, 18 in Heidelberg. On Saturday Sept 19, we are planning an "Association Day" in Heidelberg to include speakers from FEA HQ and the NEA. We will put out information about this important event at the start of SY 09/10.

Article 5, Section 5 of the contract addresses how many reps from each Bargaining Unit may attend the FRS training. (see the attached Word document.)

4. Successful Training - Thanks to those interested members who attended our training at Mannheim HS on Saturday. A special thank you to Patricia Schlachter, Mannheim HS FRS, who hosted the meeting for us. John and I hope to offer more of this type of training in various locations next school year.

5. Excessed Educators - Currently, we have a small number of educators who still have not been placed. Please continue to notify your Area Directors of any vacancy that occurs in your school.

6. Best Practice - The Wiesbaden Education Association recently purchased a number of reference books for their members, including the "Thrift Savings Plan Investors Handbook", CSRS & FERS "Retirement Planning Guides", "Retired Federal Employees Handbook" and several more.
These will be available to teachers in the "professional library" section of the schools' media centers.

7. Membership Survey -- FEA wants to hear from our members! This is an excerpt from Michael Priser's latest President's Report:

"FEA has posted a survey for our members to complete at The survey covers a range of topics affecting our working conditions and the association's operations. I hope that every single FEA member will complete the survey so that we can have the most accurate picture possible of what's on your minds.

In order to eliminate the possibility of multiple responses from the same person, the survey requires you to login using your FEA membership ID and your last name, similar to other restricted areas of the Web site. Your ID number is printed on the FEA membership card you received at the start of the school year. The number is also printed on the new issue of the FEA Journal that is being mailed out to members this week. The survey system will also send a "cookie" to your computer when you login, to prevent multiple responses from the same machine (another effort to eliminate duplicate responses). None of these security features will be used to identify responses from a specific respondent and no information on any individual's responses will ever be shared with anyone in or outside of FEA. In other words: your responses will be completely confidential, so don't hold anything back!"

Please note: the survey should not be completed using any government-owned computers or while you are on duty.

To complete the survey:
1. Go to
2. Login using your last name (in ALL CAPS) as the Username and your ID number as the Password
3. Complete the survey (it will take about 10-15 minutes). The survey will inform you when you have completed all the questions.

8. Area Directors' Travel - I will be out of the office today visiting schools in Mannheim. I will also be gone most of next week, visiting schools at Menwith Hill and Alconbury. John will be out of his office May 27 to June 2nd, visiting Landstuhl E/MS, Ramstein IS, Ramstein HS, Grafenwoehr ES, Netzaberg ES and MS. Thank you to the local leaders who help us organize these visits, arrange meeting places, etc. Please forgive any delay in response to your e-mails during these travels. Your District Reps and UniServ Attorneys will be available.

9. Recertification and Licensure - At this time of year, there are often questions about recertification and licensure.
This link may have useful information for you.

10. What's Wrong With This Picture? With all of the pay problems in our system, DoDEA currently has only two people at HQ working on resolving them. This does not sound like a real commitment on DoDEA's part to solve these problems and insure that teachers are paid correctly.

The end of the year is a hectic and stressful time...hang in there!

Thanks for all you do,


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel/Fax: 0611-44756234 or
0611-44756131 or DSN 337-6251