May 15 2013 FEA Europe Update

Lisa's FEA Europe Update
15 May 2013

1. Excess Teacher Placement: As of yesterday there were still a couple of excess teachers awaiting placement. Hopefully they will hear something soon. Reconsideration for those requesting such will continue until June 1st.

2. Furloughs: By now all of you have had a chance to read Ms. Fitzgerald's email regarding possible furloughs at the beginning of the next school year. Please continue to check the FEA website from your home computer for the latest information.

3. 21/26 Pay Periods Election: May 31st is the last day if you want to switch between 21/26 pay periods. I have attached the MOU covering this, as well as the form needed. Please submit this form to the personnel secretary at your school for processing. Bill Freeman, FEA UniServ, recommends that if you are currently receiving your pay over 26 pay periods, that you switch back to 21 pay periods before you retire. So, if you are planning to retire within the next year, this is your only opportunity to make this switch.

Remember, you cannot submit the form after May 31st, so do not leave it too late.

4. Retirement Articles: I have attached various articles from, including the most recent TSP returns information and two articles about the OPM processing times and FERS Revised Annuities.

5. Local Leader Information: Don't forget, as you conduct your local FEA elections, please remember to send an updated list of your local officers to your District Representative and Area Director.

6. BAS Spring Testing: DoDEA Headquarters is requiring that testing be done during the LAST FIVE WEEKS OF SCHOOL. Headquarters also said that any teacher who requests a substitute teacher to do the BAS testing will be provided with a substitute teacher. It has come to my attention that teachers in some schools are being asked to cover for other teachers who are conducting the BAS. This is NOT in agreement with the BAS MOU. If you are denied a substitute teacher, contact FEA-Washington immediately.

7. Goodbye Grievance: If you are planning to retire or resign this year, or just leaving Europe, make sure you FILE and ELEVATE a goodbye grievance before your last duty day. If your FRS does not have a copy, please contact your District Representative or Area Director.

8. From Our Members:

Hohenfels Middle/High School: Congratulations to Todd Leverents and Joyce Dusenberry for being elected as their schools FRS and FR respectively, and thank you for your willingness to serve our teachers. Another thank you goes to Dan Breeze and Carol Sellers for holding these positions for the past few years.

Heidelberg Education Association: I would like to offer special thanks to the HEA for hosting a wonderful evening last week. It was great to be out in the field visiting with our teachers. Nancy Almendras and I have been honored to work with you these past few years. You are experiencing a great deal of upheaval and are handling it the only way you know how---professionally. Congratulations on making it this far and good luck in your new assignments.

May Special Events

May 1-31: Asian Pacific American Heritage Month:
May 17: Anniversary of School Desegregation Ruling
May 20-21: Lindbergh Flight Anniversary
May 22: International Day for Biological Diversity
May 27: Memorial Day (federal holiday)

"I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs, but how high he bounces when he hits bottom."---George S. Patton Jr., U.S. Army General

Have a great week. Lisa