May 12 2010 FEA Europe Report

Online version of our LES
HQ's Special Education and PE Surveys
Nominations Needed
Retro in this Friday's pay
All excess educators have been placed

1. Chuck included this in his update last week; we should keep copies of just about everything you receive from the Agency or having to do with your work experience. Recently there was a situation where a member had to prove a marriage to get an ID card for his wife. The member's wife had been a teacher but retired and so was moving to a "dependent" status. The local ID card office could not issue a dependent ID card without verification of the marriage. (Official certificate from their County Court Recorders' Office) A copy was not good enough; it had to be an original.

Also, don't forget, when you PCS or move, this is the type of documents you should keep with you and hand carry, since you may need them while your other belongings are still in transit.

2. Another issue came in recently about our LES's. The online version of our LES is available for only one year. We never know when we may have a pay issue or simply not notice a mistake until long afterwards. We suggest printing and/or downloading and keeping separate copies of your LES and Smart LES (from the web site) version.

3. HQ's Special Education and PE Surveys: DoDEA will be conducting a survey over the next two weeks for special education personnel and physical education teachers. The purpose of the survey is to measure the impact on the two initiatives that were implemented by Dr. Joe Tafoya to address needs of special education and physical education teachers. FEA encourages your participation.

4. Nominations Needed: As a result of Alex's move into the Area Director's position for next year, we will need to fill his position as District Rep for the Bavaria District. FEA members currently working in the Bavaria District are eligible to apply for this position. Also, due to Linda Callender's transfer to the Pacific, we will need to select a replacement for FEA Europe's Human and Civil Rights Coordinator. This position is available to all current members in Bavaria, Heidelberg, the Isles, and Kaiserslautern Districts. These positions are part of the EAC and are two year terms. The District Rep position is a half time release position. Members interested in one of these positions should contact John Luchtman at The deadline for applications in May 14th!

5. For those separating, it is wise to fill out and send in a change of address form (TSP-9 attached) to the TSP.

6. You should see the Retro pay reflected in this pay Friday May 14, 2010.

7. Connie Shanaghan, at FEA HQ, emailed us to say that all excess educators have been placed. Reconsideration will continue to June 1 for those who requested it.

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