May 11, 2011 FEA Europe Update

1. Area Directors' Travels
2. Association Day and EAC
3. National School Nurse Day
4. "Goodbye" Grievance
5. PSCD Home Visits
6. Retiree Names
7. Local Elections
8. Spring Unity
9. Best Practices
10. Area Directors Elected
11. Heidelberg HCR Coordinator
12. Free Resources
13. Summer Planning
14. E-mail Contact

1. Area Directors' Travels -- This Update is coming from "on the road" as I visit schools in England, along with Isles District Rep Lisa Ali. Monday we were at Liberty IS, Tuesday we visited Menwith Hill E/HS, today we are speaking with teachers at the Alconbury complex, and Thursday morning will be at Lakenheath MS. On Friday I will be back in Wiesbaden as Alex and I have an Area JCC meeting with Dr. Bresell.

2. Association Day and EAC -- As Alex mentioned in his Update last week, we had a successful European Area Council meeting and Association Day. I want to thank those members who gave up their Saturday to attend and hear the latest news and information. When events like this are held in your area, please do make an effort to attend. As we remind students, "knowledge is power." Speaking of knowledge, if you have not signed up for Michael Priser's bi-weekly updates, it is easy to do:

On a personal note, my sincere thanks to everyone who said such kind things to me and about me at my final EAC meeting and Association Day. The lunch time presentation was truly overwhelming and will be a treasured memory for me.

3. National School Nurse Day - May 11, 2011 - Today is National School Nurse Day. We are so fortunate to have nurses in all but our very smallest schools. Our nurses are a vital part of our schools, helping our students and often our members as well. Healers, comforters, educators, mentors, trainers, role models, critically-needed members of every school community--heroes all--FEA salutes school nurses this day and every day. Take time to thank your nurse today for all they do for us. For further information on the importance of school nurses, go to:

4. "Goodbye" Grievance -- If you are planning on retiring or resigning this year, make sure you FILE and ELEVATE a goodbye grievance before your last duty day. If your FRS does not have a copy of it, please contact your District Rep or Area Director.

Unfortunately, as I have traveled in England I have heard from more and more teachers and retired members who have received debt letters. Please see your FRS if you have received a debt letter for the appropriate forms to file in response.

5. PSCD Home Visits -- Attached is the MOU concerning home visits for PSCD programs. Please refer to this as you are planning for next school year.

6. Retiree Names -- Last Call! If you have members who are retiring this year, and you would like an FEA certificate to present to them, please send a list of your retirees to Gretchen Wessels on Outlook. We will forward that to FEA HQ so that those members can receive a certificate of appreciation for their service and membership. Please include the address where the certificates should be mailed.

7. Local Elections -- Please remember to send the results of your local elections for FRS and other local officers to your District Rep and Area Director as soon as possible. We need to begin putting our rosters, etc. together for SY 2011-12.

8. Spring Unity - FRS's: Watch for the spring edition of the FEA Europe Unity coming to your mailbox soon. Thank you for distributing them to your members.

9. Best Practices -- One local recently helped celebrate National Teacher Day by giving teachers each an insulated grocery bag and a poem acknowledging the "heavy load" teachers carry. What a great idea! I hope there were lots of celebrations during Teacher Appreciation Week. Our schools provide a great education for our students, and there is much worth celebrating. Throughout the year, we should all look for ways to acknowledge our colleagues and support each other.

10. Area Directors Elected -- As posted on the FEA website, Lisa Ali and Alex Veto were elected recently as FEA Europe Area Directors. We are currently seeking a replacement for Lisa for the remaining one year of the two year term as Isles District Representative. Applications were sent out through the Isles FRS's last week. If you need more information contact your District Rep or Area Director. In accordance with past practice, the European Area Council will make a selection from the subsequent list of qualified candidates.

11. Heidelberg Human and Civil Rights Coordinator -.As a result of a transfer, there is now a vacancy for the remaining one year of the two year term for the Heidelberg District HCR Coordinator. Applications have been sent out through the Heidelberg FRS's. If you need more information contact your District Rep or Area Director. In accordance with past practice, the EAC will make a selection from the subsequent list of qualified candidates.

12. Free Resources -- The NEA website always offers a wealth of information and resources. In addition to a page of free resources ( don't forget to check out the NEA Academy, and the Heath Information Network, listed under "More NEA Websites" on the NEA homepage.

13. Summer Planning -- As you look toward summer, take time to check to see if your "Stateside" Driver's License needs to be renewed, or anything else like that while you may be in the US. Also check the dates for your passports, visas, ID's and other items to be sure to renew them on time.

14. E-mail Contact -- When Association leaders travel, we make every effort to keep up with e-mails, but please be patient if there is a delay in our responses to you. If some time goes by and you still have not received a response, please send a gentle reminder.

The year is going by quickly and I know how busy the end of the year can be…hang in there….thanks for all you do,


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
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