April 7 2010 FEA Europe Update

News from TSP
Excess renewal credit
Keeping up with information
Contact information needed
NEA Looking for Stories:
Dates to Remember:
President Michael Priser's travel schedule for Europe:

Interesting news from TSP: Rates of Return are updated monthly.

In Chuck's Update last week he included a comment about Excess renewal credit. I had already started my UPdate and had this MOU attached. To paraphrase the MOU: You can carry over to the next renewal cycle up to 3 hours of coursework. Hours from a single course can not be split between two renewal cycles.

Keeping up with information! I have found the following web sites beneficial to understanding benefits and issues regarding Federal employment. Please understand that not all government information/regulations apply to DoDEA teachers (TP employees) Not official but a good site to watch for information concerning benefits and changes " This is an interesting site that offers "unofficial" information but has several retired HR's that help understand the bureaucracy we have to work through.
LQA rates and percent for Post Allowance

FEA Attorney Bill Freeman needs contact information for Kristen Driskill who leve Bad Hauheim in June 2006. If you have that information please pass it along to Bill Freeman at

Repeats from Chuck's Update:
NEA Looking for Stories: The NEA Research Department needs your help with an ambitious project to produce an important new book on the past, present and future of the teaching profession in America! We are asking active and retired K-12 public school teachers to describe their most memorable experiences as teachers, both inside and outside the classroom, in short vignettes of no more than 1,000 words. We want to capture the range of teacher voices across the country, helping the public understand both the successes and challenges teachers face daily as part of their jobs. Although the original deadline for submissions was April 9th, we want to encourage all interested teachers to submit their stories even if the deadline has passed.
For further information on how to submit a vignette, please visit this link.

Dates to Remember:
April 2 - Area Advisory Council
April 9 - Area JCC Meeting
April 22 - Earth Day
April 22, 23 - European Area Council Meeting
April 29 - "Poem in Your Pocket Day"
May 2 - 8 - Teacher Appreciation Week
May 12 - National School Nurse Day

FEA President Michael Priser's (tentative) travel schedule for Europe:
April 5 Wiesbaden Distant Learning teachers
April 6 Heidelberg Complex
April 7 Mannheim Complex
April 8 Landstuhl ES/MS
April 19 AFNorth
April 20 Baumholder Complex
April 21 EAC meet with Eifel EA
April 22 EAC and KAEA meeting in Kaiserslautern
April 23 EAC
April 26-30 ACDE with Dinner meetings on the 26th and 27th Schweinfurt EA and Bamberg EA respectively.

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