April 30 2014 FEA Europe Update

Alex's Update


1. BoD Elections
2. Area Directors' Travels
3. Federal Long Term Care Insurance
4. Sign Up for FEA's Email Reports Lists
5. Excess Placement
6. Update
7. Teacher Appreciation Week
8. Area JCC
9. Summer Travel Comfort
10. Mark Your Calendars
11. National School Nurse Day
12. Retirement Recognition
13. Monthly Observances
14. Psych Article
15. Recertification
16. "Goodbye" Grievance
17. Faculty Representative Spokesperson
18. Workshops

1. BoD Elections -- The 2014 election for the FEA Board of Directors is now completed. The election tally can be viewed in PDF format by going to this link.

2. Area Directors' Travels -- Within the last two weeks I was able to visit Wiesbaden for a JCC, and then also Kaiserslautern for the European Area Council. Over the course of the next two weeks I will again be focusing on the closing schools. Note: Whenever my ‘Out of Office' reply message comes up it does not necessarily mean that I am unavailable. It may just be a CAC issue as I am traveling. In that case, if you need an answer quickly, write to . I will be able to get on there from almost anywhere. Also, if you feel the need to actually speak with me, please leave me a message at that same address with a number and I will call as soon I can.

3. Federal Long Term Care Insurance -- As a Federal Employee you can apply for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) at any time. Premiums are directly tied to your age at the time you apply. Find more information here.

4. Sign Up for FEA's Email Report Lists -- If you would like to receive reports, especially the FEA President's Report, directly from FEA as they are posted, then please follow these directions: Simply click on this link for the Email List you are interested in. There you will be asked for your E-mail address and your name. Type them into the spaces provided and hit the "submit" button. That's all you have to do to have FEA Email reports sent directly to you whenever they come out.

5. Excess Placement -- As of this writing the excess placement program is still moving forward nearing completion. The FEA President's Report is due out in the next day or so and I expect we will get the very latest news from DC. If you do not get the Report mailed directly to your inbox then you need to take another look at #4 above.

6. Update- Lisa will be back next week with the Update. I will return on or about May 14. In the meantime, as always, keep up to date at

7. Teacher Appreciation Week -- As this Update hits your mailbox we are just days away from Teacher Appreciation Week. Many schools, communities, PTSA's, Student Councils, etc., have special events planned to honor their teachers. If something special was/is being done for your staff please let me know. I would like to publish some of it in one of the upcoming editions of the Unity or in an Update. It would be a way to thank the groups that recognize the roll that teachers play in the everyday life of our communities. In any event, we all know the importance of what we do. Take a second next week to reflect on it. There is always lots of criticism and what feels like little praise, so take the week to pat each other on the back.

8 . Area JCC -- The final Area JCC for SY 2013/14 will be held in Wiesbaden at 1000 on June 3. Any other issues that will need to be discussed after that date will be handled on a case by case basis. Minutes of the JCC will be distributed as soon as possible after the meeting.

9. Summer Travel Comfort -- Most of us will be flying this summer, if not back to the States then somewhere else in the world for vacation. You may well be making these plans in the next few weeks. The site that is included here is perfect for making sure that your flight is as comfortable as possible. It has detailed charts of every plane that every airline flies with an interactive component that allows you to see the pros and cons of every seat. Worth a look before you decide on your seat, especially considering how long some of our flights will be. Check out:

10. Mark Your Calendars --
May1--31 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
May 1-31 Jewish American Heritage Month
May 5 -- Cinco de Mayo
May 5-9- Teacher Appreciation Week
May 6 - National Teacher Day
May 7 - National School Nurses Day
May 11 - Mother's Day

11. National School Nurse Day -- This coming Wednesday, May 7, is National School Nurse Day. School nurses work to promote health and provide the best care possible to students and their families. Take time on this day to look at the difference school nurses make in our schools. On a personal note, I would like to thank all our dedicated nurses for their hard work and patience in dealing with our students (and teachers)! They look after us as well!

12. Retirement Recognition - If you have members who are retiring this year, and you would like an FEA certificate to present to them, please send a list of your retirees to Marcia Anglim at . We will forward the lists to FEA HQ so that those members can receive a certificate of appreciation for their service and membership. Please include the address where the certificates should be mailed. In order to allow the certificates to be mailed out in a timely fashion, please submit the names of retirees no later than May 9.

13. Monthly Observances -- There are two groups being honored this month. May is Asian -- Pacific American Heritage Month as well as Jewish American Heritage Month. Also note that May 5 is Cinco de Mayo

14. Psych Article -- This article takes a position that many of us already believe. Still, I found it to be very interesting and led me to a website, ,which is loaded with great information. I would love to give credit to someone for passing this on to me, but I found a hard copy on the table in the Vilseck High School Faculty room. So, thank you to whoever left it there!

15. Recertification - A reminder about your DoDDS certification: All educators must be recertified every six years. The basic requirements for Recertification are: Educators must complete six semester hours of undergraduate or graduate level course work taken at a U.S. regionally accredited educational institution after the date the last DoDEA certificate was issued. You can find more info here.

16. "Goodbye" Grievance -- If you are planning on retiring or resigning this year, make sure you FILE and ELEVATE a goodbye grievance before your last duty day. It has also been recommended even if you are just switching to another Area. If your FRS does not have a copy of it, please contact your District Rep or Area Director. Also, keep it in a safe place and keep it forever. I could tell you horror stories from those who did not.

17. Faculty Representative Spokesperson (FRS) -- It is the time of the year again when schools need to be thinking about choosing their FRS for school year 2014/2015. Normally this is completed in May. Attached is the current SOP for such elections that was adopted by the EAC. Please note that most of what is in the SOP are recommendations. Please notify your respective Area Director with the results as soon as possible.

18. Workshops -- In the coming weeks, there will be two HCR sponsored workshops held in Bavaria and Kaiserslautern. Thanks to Reyhan Dickinson and Tamica Smithson, the respective Kaiserslautern and Bavaria District HCRs.


Alex Veto
FEA Europe Area Director