April 29, 2009 FEA Europe Update

1. E-mail addresses
2. DoDDS Coaches
3. Results for Delegates to the NEA RA
4. Local Leader Training
5. Transfers
6. Drivers Regulations for Germany Online
7. Educator Career Program (ECP)
8. Retro Pay

1. E-mail addresses: A reminder: Due to security changes in DoDEA Outlook, FEA has had to change several addresses that previously went through the HQ server. Please use the following addresses when contacting these people: (use to contact Connie Shanaghan, Barbara Wright, Gary Hritz, and Nereyda Jones). (use to contact HT Nguyen, Richard Tarr, and Patricia Weil). (use to contact Michael Priser, FEA President). (use to contact Jan Freeman) (use to contact Bill Freeman concerning pay issues, etc. ( use to contact Sequitta Banks. NOTE Sequitta does not use the NEA email system)

If you have sent any messages to us through the DoDEA Outlook mail in the past week that we have not yet responded to, we ask that you forward these messages to us again using one of the above addresses.

2. FEA is no longer able to access the FEA/Admin or FEA/Legal addresses on DoDEA Outlook email. As a result, any claim information sent to our office via those emails by DoDDS coaches seeking reimbursement for unpaid hotel costs while staying overnight with their team (see legal update at this page) cannot be retrieved by FEA.

If you are a DoDDS coach in the FEA bargaining unit and you attempted to submit your claim information to us via DoDEA email, please resend the information using this new email address:
You may also fax the information directly to us at 202-822-7867. FEA is extending the deadline for submission of claim information to May 15, 2009.

DoDDS coaches within the FEA bargaining unit who think they may be affected by this case are urged to read the legal update cited above and send -- or resend -- their claim information to immediately.

3. Results for Delegates to the NEA RA for 2009 are:
Bavaria Delegates: John Luchtman, Alex Veto
Heidelberg Delegates: Nancy Almendras, Chuck McCarter
Isles Delegate: Michael Sullivan
Kaiserslautern Delegates: Kathleen Breault, BettyLou Cummins

4. Local Leader Training: Please let your FRS know ASAP if you are interested in attending the training session on Saturday May 16th in the Mannheim/Heidelberg area. This is not only for leaders, but also for any member interested in learning more about the Association. Once we see how many people are interested, we will set an exact location. The training is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the Association providing lunch.

5. Transfers: As of the last report from DoDEA there are 12 unplaced excess educators. Please continue to report vacancies to

Many times after the transfer program folks change their minds and chose other paths. This sometimes leaves vacancies that can be used to place excess educators.

6. Drivers Regulations for Germany Online at:
Version 2006
German/Europe signs

7. Headquarters HR just indicated that the Educator Career Program (ECP) Website has been updated and employees who applied for the 2009 ECP may access their application and rating at this URL.

Any employee who cannot access their ECP application or those who have questions should contact the ECP Program manager at:

8. You should find our annual Retro Pay in this week's pay! Thank you to FEA-HQ following through each year to make sure our Retro Pay is done in a timely manner!

Respectfully submitted,

John Luchtman
FEA Europe Area Director
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