April 28 2010 FEA Europe Update

1. Managing My Own Health
2. Possible date changes for Open Season
3. Five Elected to FEA Board of Directors
4. Unity
5. Communication
6. April is Autism Awareness Month
7. Transfer Program
8. Retiring Members
9. EAC rescheduled for May 18-19
10. Area Directors' Travel

1. Managing My Own Health is a new OPM website that provides you with healthcare information and tools you can use to keep track of your own health needs. For instance, you can look up recommendations for the healthcare screenings you should have if you are a woman or a man under the age of 50 years. You can keep track of your own screenings by completing one of the fill able and downloadable forms available on this website to create your own personal health record (PHR). The PHR is for your use only. You may print it or save it on your own personal computer. Your personal data will not be saved on the OPM website.

2. Possible date changes for Open Season: According to a proposal from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Open Season dates may be November 1st through November 30th of each year. In a Federal Register announcement, OPM says that "This will simplify the annual announcement of the time period for Open Season and allow agencies and employees to better plan for the enrollment opportunity since they will know well in advance when it will occur each year." (From

3. Five Elected to FEA Board of Directors: FEA congratulates the following members for being elected to at-large office on the FEA Board of Directors.
President -- Michael Priser
Vice President -- BettyLou Cummins
Secretary/Treasurer -- Anita Lang
NEA Director for FEA -- Brian Chance
Human & Civil Rights Coordinator -- Mimi Cuadrado

4. Chucks Office is mailing the Unitys, but given the mail system currently, who knows how long that will take....if you want to see it, you can go to the FEA website and go to quick links, publications, and you can see the PDF there.

5. Communication: The last few weeks were FAR from normal, as we all know. If you e-mailed Chuck or me a question or concern recently and have not gotten a response, please send us a (gentle) reminder. Hopefully, things will be a little smoother in the coming weeks.

6. NEA Academy: April and educators are calling on all of us to educate ourselves and others. Families need us to advocate for resources to help support children diagnosed with ASD.
Starting this month, the National Education Association (NEA) is offering a free, online workshop on autism awareness that will bring the information right to your home with just a few keystrokes. In addition to explaining autism, the workshop will describe strategies teachers and parents can use to help students with ASD succeed in school.

7. (From Connie Shanaghan at FEA-HQ)
If you are an FEA member, were placed as an excess educator in the transfer program and you have requested reconsideration for another position, please send your name to Connie Shanaghan at so she can verify that you are included on the DoDDS reconsideration list.

8. Retiring Members: Please remember, if you have FEA members at your school who are retiring, to send the names of those members to Deborah Gothia (on Outlook) so that FEA HQ can prepare certificates for them.

9. Due to travel restrictions the European Area Council meeting had to be rescheduled. We will meet in the Eifel area May 18-19. More information will come out closer to the meeting date.

10. Area Directors' Travel: Next week, Chuck will be visiting schools in England, so please excuse any delay in responding to your emails. On Tuesday, along with NEA Director for FEA, Trudy Pollard, he will visit Menwith Hill ES/HS. Wednesday will be in the Lakenheath complex (details still being worked out) and Thursday and Friday will be at Alconbury. On Saturday, May 8th, Chuck will present another in our series of "Local Leader Trainings" at Alconbury HS. If you are interested in attending, please contact Wendy Okamoto, Alconbury HS FRS.

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