April 21, 2009 FEA Europe Update

1. Earth Day - Today!
2. European Area Council Meetings
3. FEA President's Visit
4. Retiring Members
5. Excent
6. RA Delegates
7. FRS's for SY 09/10
8. NEA Academy
9. Certification/Licensure Questions
10. Local Leader Training
11. Teacher Appreciation Week
12. Area JCC

1. Earth Day - Today! - April 22nd is Earth Day, and a perfect "teachable moment" for environmental education. For activities and lessons, go to Education World's Earth Day page or search on the internet for "Earth Day Activities" for many more.

2. European Area Council Meetings - The EAC met last week from Wednesday evening until Friday afternoon. Your European representatives were able to discuss many issues affecting our members. Also included in the discussions were Michael Priser, FEA President; HT Nguyen, FEA Executive Director; BettyLou Cummins, FEA Vice President; Brian Chance, FEA Secretary Treasurer; and Trudy Pollard, NEA Director for FEA. The discussions were very productive and we will be addressing numerous issues at various levels of our organization.

3. FEA President's Visit - Michael Priser is visiting schools in Europe this week, prior to his participation in the ACDE school visits next week. If you get a chance to hear Michael speak, I would recommend it. He is an excellent speaker and advocate for our members.

4. Retiring Members - FRS's: If you wish to present an FEA certificate to retiring members, please send those names to Chris Havlik (on Outlook) by May 8th at the latest. Chris will forward the names to FEA Washington and the certificates will be sent out from there. Please include the address where you wish to have the certificates sent.

5. Excent - As mentioned in the March 28 FEA President's Report, DoDEA has installed an updated version of Excent Online, aiming to correct major problems with the system. DoDEA also sent out a newsletter, detailing fixes contained in the new version, and a troubleshooting guide. DoDEA has asked that ongoing problems with Excent Online be reported to Lorie Sebestyen, Chief of Student Services, and Jeff Friedler, Chief Information Officer. Both can be found on DoDEA Outlook e-mail. Please also continue to let your FEA building reps know of problems so they can pass them up the line to us here in DC.

6. RA Delegates - The results of the FEA election for "state" delegates to the NEA RA will be announced shortly. If your local association is interested in sending a delegate, please contact FEA Admin/Comm or your Area Directors for more information. Resources are also available at

7. FRS's for SY 09/10- If you have elected your FRS and/or Local Officers for next year, please send those names to Chris Havlik and your Area Directors. Please refer to the Election guidelines that were sent to the FRS's when conducting elections.

8. NEA Academy - The NEA offers practical online courses for continuing education. SOME of these are available for University Credit, which is so important for our DoDDS Educators. One of those with credit options is "Differentiated Instruction for Successful Inclusion." For more information, go to

9. Certification/Licensure Questions - For questions concerning certification and licensure, contact Margaret Coppedge (Heidelberg and Bavaria Districts and Cuba) or Jesse G. Jones (Isles and Kaiserslautern Districts) at DoDEA HQ.

10. Local Leader Training - Please let you FRS know ASAP if you are interested in attending the training session on Saturday May 16th in the Mannheim/Heidelberg area. This is not only for leaders, but also for any member interested in learning more about the Association. Once we see how many people are interested, we will set an exact location. The training is from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. with the Association providing lunch.

11. Teacher Appreciation Week - Don't forget, Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-9, with May 6th designated as National School Nurse Day.

12. Area JCC - Our next Area JCC meeting will be April 27 here in Wiesbaden.

Have a good week... I hope spring has arrived where you are.


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel/Fax: 0611-44756234 or
0611-44756131 or DSN 337-6251