March 9 2011 FEA Europe Update

1. Deadlines
2. Vacancies
3. Area Directors' Travels
4. Honors Musical Fest
5. Federal Organization Climate Survey
6. Pi Day
7. Daylight Savings Time
8. Read Across America
9. Letter to the Editor
10. St. Patrick's Day
11. Mark Your Calendars
12. Update

1. Deadlines -- FEA has worked with the DoDEA Director of Human Resources to extend the deadline for amending your Transfer Program application until Thursday, March 10, 5 p.m. (EST). The extension will allow educators to amend their application if necessary due to the recent addition of vacancies from the Japan District. Any educator who has the teaching category of Automotive Technology (380) or Teacher, Culinary Arts (369) and wishes to add those to your application, that can also be done.

To amend your transfer application, go to Remember that your best source for information is as always

2. Vacancies - For those interested in the latest vacancies for the transfer round you can access them at the link above. Continue to check daily on the DoDEA website as more may still be coming in. Be assured that FEA is still working closely with our FRS's to make sure that all vacancies are being reported.

3. Area Directors' Travels -- Neither Chuck nor I have much traveling scheduled for this week. However, we will both be in Washington, D.C., from the 14th through the 18th for the FEA Board of Directors meeting. I know that we will both try to stay on top of our email but please excuse some possible delays. Chuck will be staying on the following week to help monitor the transfer program, but I will be returning to Germany.

4. Honors Musical Fest 2011 -- The annual Honors Musical Festival will be held this year on March 31 at 1900 at the Wiesbaden Kurhaus Concert Hall. DoDEA students from all over Europe will be performing. I have never attended but will this year. I have been told that it is always a very entertaining evening.

5. Federal Organization Climate Survey -- On March 7, DoDEA released the Federal Organization Climate Survey for all employees. FEA has been working with DoDEA Headquarters on this survey, which addresses meeting the diversity needs of employees in the workplace. While this survey is focused on Federal agencies, FEA was able to insert a number of questions that specifically relate to students and the educational environment. We encourage all educators to take time to complete this survey during the two week period when it is available.

6. Pi Day -- National Pi Day is March 14 (3.14 ) The following website has student activities as well as other useful information that can be used with math classes. It is also Einstein's birthday.

7. Daylight Savings Time -- Please note that Daylight Savings Time will begin in North America at 2 AM on Sunday, March 13. However, the clocks will not change in Europe until 2 A.M. on March 27. For two weeks there will be a 7 hour time difference between the east coast and most of Europe instead of the normal 6. The UK of course is one hour different. Remember -- Spring forward, Fall back !

8. Read Across America -- By all reports and by first hand observation this years Read Across America Day was the best ever. There were some great celebrations in the schools and people from all areas of the various communities gave up their time to read to our students. A big thank you for that ! If you have any photos of the event at your school and wish to share them, please send them to Gary Hritz at or

9. Letter to the Editor- Attached is an excerpt from a Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post from the NEA President. It addresses a March 4th editorial in that publication.

10. St. Patrick's Day -- Thursday, March 17, is St.Patrick's Day. You can find many fun activities and other items relating to all things green at

11. Mark Your Calendars -
March 13 -- Daylight Savings Time begins (North America)
March 14-18 -- FEA Board of Directors Meeting In DC
March 14 -- National Pi Day
March 17 -- St. Patrick's Day
March 27 -- Daylight Savings Time begins (Europe)
April 28-29 -- European Area Council
April 30 -- Association Day (Wiesbaden)

12. Update - There will be no Update next week because Chuck and I will both be at the Board of Directors meeting in Washington.


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