March 4 2009 FEA Europe Update

1. Current deadlines for the Transfer Program (For those that applied by the deadline Feb. 25, 2009.)
March 6, 2009 (5:00 p.m. EST) -- Deadline to post vacancies.
March 12, 2009 (5:00 p.m. EST) -- Teacher Deadline to amend transfer application.
March 16, 2009 -- Headquarters conducts Round One of Transfer Program.

Chuck McCarter will be the European Area Director attending this year's Transfer Program. He will be out of his office not only for the FEA Board meeting March 9th-13th followed by the Transfer Program to the 25th of March

2. Save The Date In cooperation with the NEA, FEA HCR Europe is planning a Human & Civil Rights workshop--- April 24, 25, 26, 2009 in Kaiserslautern. The exact times and locations will be announced. We hope to be able to offer credit for this training. This promises to be an excellent weekend and worthwhile for all FEA members.

The next few items were in the Friday Packet and I wanted to make sure you received this information.

3. The FERS Retirement Briefing is available at the below website. The CSRS Retirement Briefing will be posted at the same location in the next day or two.
FERS Retirement Briefing

This enables employees to view the appropriate briefing at their convenience, as many times as they like.
Employees with specific questions regarding their individual retirement eligibility situation/circumstances should contact their District or Area HR Team.

Jeanne T. Scharch
Chief, Human Resources Division, DoDDS-Europe

4. Request for AP Teacher Training
SUSPENSE: May 29, 2009
POC: Marjorie Rodman, 338-7807


DoDDS-Europe recognizes that some schools may need to train a new AP teacher for SY 2009-2010. Administrators should submit the request below that matches their situation:

1. SCHOOL HAS A CURRENTLY AUTHORIZED SYLLABUS IN THE ONLINE LEDGER: Please complete the attached needs assessment and submit to Ms. Rodman by email.

2. SCHOOL WANTS TO ADD A NEW AP COURSE FOR 2009-2010: Please review the tasks and timelines and complete the attached form. Submit your request to Ms. Rodman by email.

Contact a DoDDS-E High School Curriculum ISS listed below if you have course-specific questions or need the officials syllabus templates.

English/Language Arts: Ms. Gay Marek, 338-7759
Science: POC - Ms. Sadie Fairley, 338-7801
Foreign Language: Ms. Tracy Knick, 338-7803
Social Studies: Mr. Lucky Moore, 338-7757
Mathematics: Ms. Joy Schiele, 338-7469
Visual and Performing Arts: Mr. Eric Measells, 338-7806

Contact Ms. Rodman if you have questions about funding for AP training.

The next section was given to Terry Arvidson Stateside Area Director about DDESS applications.

5. For those interested/trying to apply to DDESS

The only applicants who should be submitting applications through DDESS EAS are those individuals (including current employees) who are applying for non-administrator educator positions (i.e.; those covered by the MLA) for School Year 2009/2010. For vacancies being filled for this School Year, 2008/2009, the application procedures for teachers is the same as previous years. All other positions are still being filled via our traditional application methods. The vacancy announcements which are posted on USAJOBS clearly explain the procedures for applying and applicants should read the requirements for each announcement carefully.

ECP is being used by HQs to fill DDESS administrator positions for SY
2009/2010. For vacancies being filled for this School Year, 2008/2009, normal vacancy announcements are being posted. Again, each individual announcement contains specific procedures for applying. Applicants should read the announcements carefully and apply accordingly.

For both traditional methods (not ECP or EAS) applicants should mail or hand-deliver hard-copy application packages to this office. This is outlined in each individual announcement.

6. Thank you to BettyLou Cummins, FRS @ Ramstein High School and VP FEA and Natalie Mentrup (Spangdahlem MS) Eifel EA President for all of your help arranging the trainings held at your respective schools the past two Saturdays! For these two trainings over 23 people attended! The response to this training is wonderful to have so many interested members!

7. Thank you as well to Barbara Osen FRS at Sembach Elem, Linda Gheysen FRS at Sembach MS, Corinne Johnson FRS at Bitburg Elem, Brenda Colom FRS at Bitburg HS, Martz, David Bitburg MS, Natalie Mentrup President Eifel EA Spangdahlem MS and Jeff Watts Spangdahlem Elem. for their help arranging my school visits last week. I appreciate your help trying to schedule time with our members.

8. The message below was from Michael Priser's latest President's message.
EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION SURVEY NOT ENDORSED BY FEA - FEA members have asked why teachers were not allowed to participate in the recent DoDEA customer satisfaction survey. DoDEA Headquarters decided to separate the surveys into 2 separate surveys. The survey for employees will be distributed in March. FEA has reviewed the survey and offered suggestions on a number of questions related to personnel matters. A few questions do not apply to our bargaining unit as they relate to aspects of NSPS (the National Security Personnel System), and not to the way our teachers are evaluated or paid. There are also additional questions which FEA finds inappropriate and intrusive. One question puts teachers in the position of evaluating their colleague as "poor" and asks them to speculate on what action the administration is taking. FEA finds that not only is this wrong, but it puts teachers into a situation where they are evaluating and guessing on information for which they would not have full knowledge. FEA believes that this will yield invalid and unreliable data that DoDEA Headquarters could easily misinterpret when addressing future personnel matters. As a result, FEA cannot recommend this survey.

9. I will attend the FEA Board meeting and return to the office 16th of March. Both Chuck and I have sent contact information to the District Reps we work with. Since both Chuck and I will be in the States next week there will not be an Update sent on March 11th.

Respectfully submitted,

John Luchtman
FEA Europe Area Director
Federal Education Association
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