March 31, 2010 FEA Europe Update

1. Transfer Update
2. Good News!
3. Month of the Military Child
4. FEA Europe Election Results
5. "Poem in Your Pocket Day"
6. "What's Wrong With This Picture?"
7. Running Out of Leave?
8. HCR Trainings
9. Recertification
10. Area Director for Bavaria and Kaiserslautern
11. NEA Looking for Stories
12. Dates to Remember
13. FEA President Visits Europe
14. Thank You

1. Transfer Update - As of Tuesday afternoon, transfer notifications were STILL being sent out....FEA is very aware of how difficult it is to wait, but we do not send these notifications out...DoDEA does. Currently, there are still 6 excessed educators to be placed. Please continue to inform your Area Directors of vacancies that occur so we can make sure that those are forwarded to FEA for use in matching those educators.

Information about reconsideration for those excessed educators who wish to be reconsidered is available on our website. For questions about your transfer application, etc. please contact and be sure to include your SCD and Transfer Group (A, B, C, etc.) For the most up to date and correct information, always go to

2. Good News! Once again, DoDEA students have excelled in the National Assessment of Educational Progress testing. DoDEA schools finished at the top of the rankings in five categories of the test which is given every two years to measure the students' progress. DoDEA's scores among black and Hispanic students were the best in the nation. What great news, and what positive evidence of the great work you do every day in your schools! For the complete story from Stars & Stripes, click here.

3. Month of the Military Child - During April, FEA invites you to help celebrate the Month of the Military Child. As educators we recognize our important role in providing not only an education, but a nurturing and stable environment for the children of our military members. The children, who are everyday heroes, make daily sacrifices in supporting America's Armed Forces. For a color poster to display during this event, go to

4. FEA Europe Election Results - Congratulations to the following FEA members who have been elected to serve in the offices listed.
District Representatives:
Bavaria - Alex Veto
Heidelberg - Nancy Almendras
Isles - Lisa Ali
Kaiserslautern - Terese Sarno

European Human and Civil Rights Coordinator:
Linda Callender

District Human and Civil Rights Coordinators:
Bavaria - Alina Rozanski
Heidelberg - Valerie SanJuan
Isles - Beth Woodward
Kaiserslautern - Linda Ware-Brown

NEA RA Delegates:
Alex Veto, Tim Connolly, Nancy Almendras, Chuck McCarter, Anita Lang, Linda Callender, and BettyLou Cummins

Results, and link to full election counts as a PDF, are posted at The election for At-Large Officers for FEA is underway now and will conclude April 22nd.

Thanks to ALL who were willing to serve in these offices. It is wonderful to have such great interest in our organization.

5. "Poem in Your Pocket Day" - Celebrate National "Poem in Your Pocket Day" on Thursday, April 29th, 2010. The idea is simple: select a poem you love during National Poetry Month and then carry it with you to share with friends, co-workers, and students. For more information about this celebration of poetry and teaching poetry, follow this link and click in the top right on the menu "For Educators." This is part of the celebration of April as National Poetry Month. You will find information there on how to teach poetry, lesson plans, and other resources.

6. "What's Wrong With This Picture?" - I have heard of far too many teachers lately who are experiencing problems with processing Workers' Compensation claims. When employees are injured on the job, when they are dealing with doctors, medical treatment, medical bills, lost leave and lost income, they need correct information and support. FEA has asked that principals and secretaries receive training on how to process the necessary forms in a correct and timely manner and on how to provide assistance and information for our teachers.

7. Running Out of Leave? Unfortunately, due to illness, family emergencies, or other issues, sometimes teachers find themselves running out of leave. For those teachers, there are two options of which they should be aware. One is Advanced Leave. According to the regulation (DS 5630.4) up to 30 days of educator leave can be approved by management when an employee has no more accumulated leave. In other words, you can borrow against leave for future years' employment. Such advances are subject to subsequent earnings of leave or repayment upon separation for any leave advanced but not earned.

The second option is to apply for the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program. The VLTP permits Federal civilian employees to donate leave to other civilian employees who are experiencing medical or family medical emergencies. An employee who has a medical or family medical emergency that is likely to require the employee's absence from duty for a prolonged period of time and result in a loss of income due to unavailability of paid leave, may apply for donations of leave from other employees. These are the requests that you may sometimes see for donations of leave. Teachers can only donate from their APL days.

One further note: Any employee taking LWOP for an extended period should talk to the District Personnel Center Representative concerning using interspersed leave to insure that all benefits and entitlements continue.

For questions or further information about leave issues, please contact your District PCR.

8. HCR Trainings - The Human and Civil Rights (HCR) Europe program concluded our third in a series of EEO Workshops. The final workshop for this school year was held in Grafenwoehr in the Bavaria District on Saturday, March 20, 2010 with a very enthusiastic number of participants. Our thanks go out once again to Mr. William Suddeth, DODDS Europe EEO Program Manager and Mr. Luis Agosto, DODDS Europe EEO Counselor, for their excellent presentations that have made the EEO process and overall concepts much easier for us to understand. Both Mr. Suddeth and Mr. Agosto have taken their time on Saturdays to provide training for teachers in the Kaiserslautern, Heidelberg, and Bavaria Districts. Thanks also to Alina Rozanski, Bavaria District HCR, for her work in publicizing and organizing our meeting place. Plans are being made now to offer a similar session in the UK next school year in place of the one which was cancelled this year due to inclement weather.

As a token of FEA appreciation, Linda Callender, HCR Coordinator for Europe, presented plaques of appreciation to Mr. Suddeth and Mr. Agosto for their time and enthusiasm in working with our teachers.

9. Recertification - A reminder about your DoDDS certification: All educators must be recertified every six years. The basic requirements for Recertification are: Educators must complete six semester hours of undergraduate or graduate level course work taken at a U.S. regionally accredited educational institution after the date the last DoDEA certificate was issued.
This link is the web page for DoDEA concerning recertification.

Please note: A MOU signed by FEA (April 27, 2006) allows up to 3 excess credits taken during the final four months of a recertification cycle to be carried over to the next renewal cycle. For the complete text of the MOU, see Excess credits renewal policy guidance does not apply prior January 1, 2006.

10. Area Director for Bavaria and Kaiserslautern - As John wrote in his last UPdate, he will be retiring effective August 2010. Notice has gone out to FRS's and POC's in the Bavaria and Kaiserslautern Districts for applicants to fill the remaining one year of the Area Director's term. Please send applications to me at by April 9th.

Also please note, John's FEA telephone and fax at his home (09725-5372) are not currently working. To contact John, please use Outlook or call his office at 354-6844 or 09721-4758012.

11. NEA Looking for Stories - The NEA Research Department needs your help with an ambitious project to produce an important new book on the past, present and future of the teaching profession in America! We are asking active and retired K-12 public school teachers to describe their most memorable experiences as teachers, both inside and outside the classroom, in short vignettes of no more than 1,000 words. We want to capture the range of teacher voices across the country, helping the public understand both the successes and challenges teachers face daily as part of their jobs. Although the original deadline for submissions was April 9th, we want to encourage all interested teachers to submit their stories even if the deadline has passed.
For further information on how to submit a vignette, please visit this link.

12. Dates to Remember -
April 2 - Area Advisory Council
April 9 - Area JCC Meeting
April 22 - Earth Day
April 22, 23 - European Area Council Meeting
April 29 - "Poem in Your Pocket Day"
May 2 - 8 - Teacher Appreciation Week
May 12 - National School Nurse Day

13. FEA President Visits Europe - Michael Priser, FEA President, will be visiting schools across Europe during the month of April. Among the areas he will visit are Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Kaiserslautern, AFNORTH, Baumholder, Schweinfurt, and Bamberg. In addition he will also be attending the EAC meeting and a dinner with the Eifel Education Association, as well as the ACDE (Advisory Council on Dependents Education). Check with your local leaders in those areas for information about FEA meetings during Michael's visit. In addition to giving members the latest news, Michael also wants to hear from teachers and gather information.

14. Thank You - On a daily basis, I am reminded of the great work that you do every day in your schools! It seems many, inside our system as well as outside, find it easier to criticize than to praise, so I want to remind you that your work IS appreciated by your students, their parents, and those who understand the great work that you do. As the button I often wear says, "Teachers are my Heroes."

Thanks for all you do!


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel/Fax: 0611-44756234
0611-44756131 or DSN 335-5373/69