March 28 2007 FEA Europe Update

March 28, 2007

1. THANK YOU. FEA Europe appreciates each school FRS or contact person distributing our weekly email newsletters.

2. ROUND ONE. Connie Shanaghan, FEA Director of Administration, was informed on Friday, March 23, 2007 that DoDDS HQ had sent out all Round 1 reassignments.

3. CTO USE. The letter from Dr. Tafoya published in the last "Friday Packet" is dated July 30, 2004. It is my understanding that there is no change in RAT reimbursement for educators from how this has been occurring. Please note that the last sentence of Dr. Tafoya's letter is, "Employees who do not use the CTO will be reimbursed up to the constructive, government cost of direct travel to the home of record." Article 48 of our contract allows bargaining unit members to not use the CTO (Commercial Travel Offices).

4. CONSULATE REGISTRATION. DoDDS Europe is encouraging U.S. Citizens living abroad to register with the consulate in order to receive current travel warnings and emergency information.

5. LOCAL MEETINGS. Thank you to the Wiesbaden and Kaiserslautern Locals for hosting FEA President Sheridan Pearce and NEA Executive Committee member Mike Billirakis at their general membership meetings this past week.

6. UNITY MAILINGS. Would the FRS please let us know if you haven't received the latest Unity by April 6?

7. PLEASE VOTE. Please mail your completed ballot for FEA At-large Officers so that it will be at our Washington office by April 24, 2007.

8. OUTLOOK INFORMATION. When responding to emails, I will often look to see where an individual is located by checking the information listed in Outlook. When all that is listed is a building number or room number, I have no idea of the individual's school location. DoDDS E has put out information on updating Outlook address information in several of the European Directives. I'd appreciate people checking their own personal Outlook address information to make sure it shows your school or office location and not just a building or room number. Thanks!

9. WEBSITE PAGES. To get information on requesting Reconsideration through the Transfer Program or to be informed about the National Security Personnel System (NSPS), check out the FEA website at

10. ADVISORY COUNCIL. Chuck McCarter and I will be attending the Area Advisory Council on Friday. This is the Educational Advisory Committee that "facilitates resolution of area issues and meets twice yearly."

In friendship,