March 24, 2010

1. EAC meeting April 22-23
2. Area Director travels
3. No Fear Training
4. Retirement Check List
5. Transfer Program
6. Spring Forward
7. Personal news!
8. Calendar of Events

1. EAC meeting April 22-23. This year's European Area Council meeting will be held at Waldhaus Eifel. Guests will be Becky Pringle (National Education Association Secretary Treasurer) , H.T. Nguyen (FEA Executive Director and General Council), Michael Priser (FEA President) BettyLou Cummins (FEA Vice President). The EAC is the FEA governing body for FEA Europe where issues of concern will be discussed that affect our members here in Europe. A short Bio concerning Becky Pringle can be found below.
Rebecca Pringle - Rebecca "Becky" Pringle, a physical science teacher from Harrisburg, Pa., was elected secretary-treasurer of the National Education Association in July 2008. As secretary-treasurer of the nation's largest professional organization, Pringle ranks third among NEA leadership. She previously served as a member of NEA's nine-member Executive Committee from 2001 to 2007.

2. Area Director travels: and training: -

3. No Fear Training: The announcement earlier this month that all had to take the No Fear Training again during this school year (for those that took it at the beginning of SY 2009/2010) was a misunderstanding. I will paste below the comment from the Area Office concerning this training. " Employees who have taken the No Fear Training within the last 12 months have met the training requirement. Apologies for any confusion it may have caused." Further clarification on the 1 year vs 2 year requirement will be coming out shortly! (It may have by this sending!)

4. Please find attached a recently updated Retirement Check List supplied by Laura Miedema from the Area Office.

5. The Transfer Program took a lot longer than anybody imagined. As reported, the final placement was made after 16:00 on the 18th of March, which was almost a week longer than planned. (There are a few excessed educators yet to be placed.) Debra Degalis and I attended as the FEA representatives. Some additional openings came in on the first day of the transfers which helped a lot. I want to thank the FRSes and our members who helped to check on vacancies and rumored vacancies. There were a number of communications back from DoDEA to Principals concerning slots and how they were handled. We will continue to monitor how these unfilled vacancies are used. If they are changed, resulting in an easy placement after the Transfer Program, we need to know about this.

6. Don't forget to "Spring Forward"! Europe changes to daylight savings time so adjust your clocks, internal and external, one hour ahead as of Saturday night at midnight!

7. Personal news! At the FEA Board meeting last week, I informed the Board of Directors that I will retire at the end of this school year. This decision was not an easy one from the stand point of what I planned a few years ago. However, with the recent health issues of my parents, my desire to spend time with our grandchildren, and not to mention the recovery of our TSP account, the decision was clear. The decision itself was easy, but actually signing the document that starts the ball rolling was harder than I imagined! My effective retirement date for my Area Director/FEA Board position as well as my DoDEA employment will be in August. Shortly, Chuck McCarter will send out the announcement for applications for candidates to fill the last year of my term, per our constitution and past practice. I will say my good-byes in June but for now I want to say that I have been honored to represent you.

8. Calendar of Events:
Leadership Training, Grafenwoehr Elementary March 27
During the week of April 5 to 8 John will be visiting Sembach Elementary and Middle Schools, Kaiserslautern Elementary, Ramstein High School, Landstuhl and Vogelweh Schools. He will attend the SEA meeting Monday at Sembach and a meeting Wednesday at Ramstein HS
Area JCC April 9
EAC Meeting, Waldhaus Eifel April 22-23
Teacher Appreciation Week..May 2-8
National School Nurse Day May 12
May 17-19 John will visit the schools in Bitburg and Spangdahlm, and attend the Eifel Executive Board meeting Wednesday evening.

Respectfully submitted,

John Luchtman
FEA Europe Area Director
Federal Education Association
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