March 11 2015 FEA Europe Update

Alex's Update


1. Transfer Update
2. Check Your Application
3. W2
5. Area Director's Travel
6. Update
7. IRS Forms and Publications
8. Women's History Month
9. Mark Your Calendars
10. Area JCC
11. Diabetes Alert Day
12. Daylight Savings Time
13. U.S. Citizens Abroad Tax Information
14. European Election
15. St. Patrick's Day
16. The NEA Foundation
17. Unity
18. Pi Day
19. World Autism Awareness Day

1. Transfer Update -- (Below are two excerpts from this week's FEA President's Report.You can read the entire report at .)

Here are new numbers by group. These numbers are a little lower than previously because some applicants decided to withdraw their applications and some excessed educators were placed through the district programs.
Group A+ - 285
Group A -- 109
Group B -- 133
Group C -- 81
Group D -- 187
Group F -- 348
Total: 1,143

2. Check Your Application - The deadline for amending transfer applications is approaching (March 20, 5:00 pm EDT -- remember, the U.S. moved their clocks ahead last weekend). Now is the time to take one more look at your application to ensure all is in order. Below are some of the topics covered in the "Tips for Transfers" on our webpage ( ). Be sure to check out the "Tips" to avoid some of the common errors that applicants make.

3. W2 -- Your electronic W2 is available on myPay at this site. You will need your CAC reader for best results.

4. MUSS - Model United States Senate (MUSS) is a unique simulation of the United States Senate legislative process. High school students from all over DoDDS - Europe are assigned to play the roles of real life senators and some executive branch officers. This year's session will be held in Wiesbaden. The plenary sessions are a great opportunity for students and teachers to see what MUSS is all about while also getting a glimpse of how the real US Senate functions. The MUSS-C-TV video students will also provide lower third graphics which indicate what is happening so it is not necessary for educators/students to view entire sessions. Here are the times and link for gavel-to-gavel coverage of MUSS next week.
Opening Ceremony Tuesday, March 17, 0830 -- 0930
Plenary I Wednesday, March 18, 0830 -- 1200
Plenary II Wednesday, March 18, 1300 -- 1745
Plenary III Wednesday, March 18, 1900 - 2100
Plenary IV Thursday, March 19, 0830 -- 1000
Link for live stream: here

5. Area Directors' Travels -- This past week I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the monthly meeting of the Kaiserslautern Education Association. It was an honor to be invited and proved to be most informative. Thanks to all there for your hospitality. Next week I will be traveling to Sembach for our next Area JCC to be held on March 25. Since I will be in that area I am hoping to arrange some school visits to the Kaiserslautern/Ramstein schools. At this point it has been planned that I will be at Ramstein ES on Tuesday the 24th, and more visits will be scheduled.

6. Update- We will always let you know if something newsworthy comes up. In the meantime, check regularly with for your best source for breaking news. My next Update is scheduled for March 25 but since I will be on the road that week (see #2) I will probably have to move it back.

7. IRS Forms and Publications -- As tax season approaches, this site has all of the forms and publications that you will need to complete your 2014 tax filing. Most can be done electronically. Here is the link to the site. I know that a number of you, for a variety of reasons, like to file early. IRS site.

8. Women's History Month -- This month, March, is Women's History Month. Since 1910, March 8 has been observed as International Women's Day by people around the world. Thus, March was chosen for National Women's History Month in the United States. The link will provide you with many useful tools to celebrate this month. Women's History Month

9. Mark Your Calendars --
March 1 -- 31 -- Women's History Month
March 17 -- St. Patrick's Day
March 29 -- Daylight Savings Time begins (Europe)
April 2 -- World Autism Awareness Day

10. Area JCC -- The next Area JCC has now been scheduled. It will be held in Sembach on Wednesday, March 25 at 1100.We will put the agenda together approximately a week before that.

11. Diabetes Alert Day - On March 24th, the American Diabetes Association is recognizing "Diabetes Alert Day" as the time to find out if you are the 1 in 3 American Adults who are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. There is a simple test that assesses your risk for Type 2 diabetes; family history, weight, age, activity, etc.
Since 2007, the statistics for pre-diabetes and diabetes have increased. The number of Americans with diabetes has grown from 24 million (children and adults) to 26 million. These statistics were determined by the National Diabetes Fact Sheet.
Diabetes is a progressive disease. Pre-diabetes (one number apart from diabetes) will eventually become diabetes if you wait too long to take care of your body. You can find more here:

12. Daylight Savings Time -- This past Sunday morning was the first official day of DST for the States. However, the clocks will not change in Central Europe until 2 A.M. on March 29. For three weeks there will be a 5 hour time difference between the east coast and most of Europe instead of the normal 6. The UK of course is one hour different. Remember -- Spring forward, Fall back!

13. U.S. Citizens Abroad Tax Information -- Attached is information from the IRS for all of us living outside of CONUS for filing our 2014 Income Tax. It includes deadlines, forms, addresses, and other useful information. No one likes to think about it but this site may help.

14. European Election -- Ballots have now been mailed to all FRS's. The only election this year is for the delegates to the 2015 NEA Representative Assembly in Orlando held in July. Please send them back to me as soon as possible but definitely they must be postmarked by March 13.

15. St. Patrick's Day -- Thursday, March 17, is St. Patrick's Day. You can find many fun activities and other items relating to all things green at this site.

16. The NEA Foundation -- Congratulations to Alina Rozanski of Netzaberg Middle School for being named as one of a select group as a 2015 NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow. In addition to teaching Choir at Netzaberg, Alina also serves as European Area HCR Coordinator for FEA. The press release can be read here.

17. Unity -- It is anticipated that the Spring Unity will be published in late April (after Spring Break). If anyone has something that they would want included please send it to me at any time. We are particularly thinking of some photos of activities at your school, and even more especially photos taken during NEA's Read Across America Day on March 2. You can send these items to me at Remember, while it is still fresh in your minds, send any photos that you may have of the event to me ASAP.

18. Pi Day -- Now something for our math teachers. National Pi Day is March 14 (3.14). The following website has student activities as well as other useful information that can be used with math classes. It is also Einstein's birthday. Pi Day

19. World Autism Awareness Day -- The eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2015. You can find a wealth of information on this topic at : this site

Alex Veto
FEA Europe Area Director