March 10, 2010 FEA Europe Update

1. Transfer Program
2. No Update Next Week
3. Best Practices
4. NEA's Read Across America
5. National Foundation for Financial Education
6. "Free Stuff" for March
7. Employees Corner
8. HR Contact Information
10. Excess Information Correction
11. NoFEAR Training
12. Dates to Remember

1. Transfer Program - I know it is difficult for many people to work this week because they are going around with their fingers crossed, hoping for a transfer! John Luchtman is at the Transfer round this week, along with Debra Degalis, Pacific Area Director, and Connie Shanaghan, our FEA "Transfer Guru." Working with them, will be Patti Ross, from DoDEA HQ and her team. Having been there, I can say that the whole group really works as a team, hoping to grant as many of those "wishes" as possible. Please remember, the placements may not be finished this week and all transfer notifications come from DoDEA, so we cannot release any information before that.

2. No Update Next Week - Because John and I will be at the FEA BOD meeting, there will be no Update next week. We will both return to Germany March 21st, and John will send out the next Update on March 24th. Please excuse any delay in our responses to your e-mails during this important week.

3. Best Practices - As a DoDDS teacher, I was lucky enough to work with one outstanding principal. One of the qualities which made her exceptional was her ability to give a well chosen, specific, and genuine compliment. She visited our classrooms regularly and afterward, more often than not, you would find a handwritten note on your chair, or later in your mailbox (this was before e-mail!) complimenting something you were doing in class, specifically your work with kids. Every special display, program, or event also merited a note of praise or thanks. I will always remember one specific example of this skill. I came into school one day, not really wanting to be there...perhaps you've had a day like that...and I would have probably just "gotten through" that day had this principal not stopped me on the way in with a cheery, very genuine compliment. I know I tried that day to be as good a teacher as she told me I was.

I tell this story not to say that this principal thought I was a good teacher, but to stress the power of praise. Good teachers know this; good administrators should as well.

4. NEA's Read Across America - I had a GREAT day on March 2nd as I helped celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday and I hope you did too. I was in two of the Wiesbaden schools for their events. The planning and care teachers put into this day was obvious. Kids were excited to be there and excited about books and reading....what a great day! I know that same excitement was felt all over DoDDS and around the world, with loads of different activities to promote the joy of reading. If you have good pictures of your "Read Across America" events, please send one or two of your best with captions or an explanation to FEA at

5. National Foundation for Financial Education - Thanks to FEA member Judi Nicolay of Brussels E/HS for this source of good materials for Financial Education. "The FEFE site is a great resource for teachers of Business and Personal Finance . The site highlights personal financial responsibility. They will send you a consumable text book for the number of students you teach, a teacher's resource binder, and give you access to a series of PowerPoints, if you register."

6. "Free Stuff" for March - The NEA Website offers a number of resources for teachers, including this list of free resources available in March on subjects from Earthquakes to Math to Women's Biographies.

7. Employees Corner - This link will take you to the DoDDS-E "Employees Corner" which contains information on a variety of important topics from Allowances to Retirement and more.

8. HR Contact Information - Attached is the latest list of contacts for HR Information. To the right of the chart, contacts are listed by District.

9. ELA MOU - Also attached is the MOU on the implementation of the ELA Curriculum materials. Please note that this MOU provides for a 1/2 day release time for reviewing the materials when they arrive. FRS's should work with your principal to insure that this is provided.

This MOU is one of many available on our website. On the right-hand side you will find "Quick Links" and MOU's are listed under the drop down menu. You will need your FEA membership number to access these.

10. Excess Information Correction - It was brought to our attention that the Excess statistics that were included in the March 1 Area JCC did not include the numbers from Bavaria. Those numbers have now been added and attached is the corrected Word Document.

11. NoFEAR Training - A message went out in the Weekly Distribution concerning the "NoFEAR" training and I have started receiving messages concerning that training. Since most of our teachers completed that in August, FEA believes that should meet this requirement, but we are awaiting official clarification.

12. Dates to Remember -
March 8 - Transfer Round begins
March 15 - 19 - FEA BOD Meeting, Washington DC
March 20 - HCR/EEO Workshop - Bavaria District - Linda Callender, POC
April 22, 23 - EAC Meeting, Waldhaus Eifel

Thank you for all you do!


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
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