February 3 2010 FEA Europe Update

Weather related travel delays
Article 22
Conversion to a Permanent Position
Picking up LQA if you are within 7 years of your own
Last date to apply for the Headquarters Transfer Program
Guidance from DoDEA HQ concerning excessing
Attached the timeline for this year's Transfer Program
Important Dates to Remember

Weather related travel delay. Our weather continues to cause problems for our schools, students and teachers. Your FEA leaders understand (we have to get to work too) and have been addressing this at the District and Area levels for some time. Weather related travel is covered under our negotiated agreement. (see item 2) The important thing is to arrive safely! Keep your administrator informed of your efforts and conditions in the area in which you live/commute.

Article 22
Section 4. - School Closures
The decision to release unit employees when schools close due to inclement weather or other emergencies is retained by the Employer.

When schools close for students due to inclement weather or other emergencies and unit employees are required to report to the work site, a unit employee shall be administratively excused for up to one half day when such weather or emergency conditions prevent timely arrival. In determining whether emergency conditions warrant late arrival, the Employer shall consider the efforts made by the unit employee to get to work in a timely manner, taking into account the unit employee's normal commute and normal modes of transportation used.

Conversion to a Permanent Position (FAQ). Please see attached pdf.

Military sponsor retiring? Picking up LQA if you are within 7 years of your own retirement MOU is attached.

Reminder about the last date to apply for the Headquarters Transfer Program! The last date to submit your application will be February 12, 2010.

Please see attached guidance that was sent from DoDEA HQ concerning excessing. There have been no changes from last year (just in case somebody says there has been or you have a new to DoDDS Administrator).

Also attached the timeline for various suspense dates for this year's Transfer Program.

Important Dates to Remember:
Feb 8-9 John Luchtman will visit Graf Elem, Vilseck Elem and Vilseck HS (weather permitting)
Feb 12 - Deadline to submit Transfer Application (see item above)
Feb 20 - HCR/EEO Workshop - Heidelberg District - Linda Callender, POC
March 2 - NEA's Read Across America -
March 3 - Deadline to amend Transfer Application
March 4 - Deadline to submit Transfer Application to FEA for verification
March 15-19 FEA Board meeting
March 20 - HCR/EEO Workshop - Bavaria District - Linda Callender, POC
April 21-23 - European Area Council Meeting
April 24, 25 - HCR Workshop - Kaiserslautern - Linda Callender or Terese Sarno, POC's
May 2 - 8 - Teacher Appreciation Week
May 12 - National School Nurse Day

Thank you for everything you do for each other and for our students!


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