February 25 2009 FEA Europe Report

1. Transfers
2. Vacancies
3. Reading Recovery
4. Suggestions for Improvement
5. Mailing Lists
6. Save The Date
7. FEA Annual Meeting/NEA RA Delegates
8. Unity Publication
9. Read Across America
10. Area Director Travels

1. Transfers - Remember, the deadline for application to the transfer program for this year is TODAY February 25, 2009, at 5pm Eastern Time. See our "Tips for Transfers" for other important dates concerning transfers.

In speaking with a teacher recently, the teacher started by saying, "Well, my friend told me such and such about the Transfer Program..." While friends are great for many things, the BEST source of information about the transfer program is NOT your friends, colleagues, etc. The best source is the FEA Transfer Information Page!

2. Vacancies - FRS's: Please make sure to report any vacancies at your school to your District Rep.

3. Reading Recovery - The Association learned late last week that the Reading Recovery program will no longer be supported or staffed. This program had been strongly supported by the Area Office in the past, but DoDEA HQ has now made the decision that the program cannot be continued. In addition to the loss of an extremely valuable program for students, this untimely change has also caused the late excessing of additional positions in Europe. FEA has expressed our concern about these issues at HQ and will work to insure that those teachers impacted will be properly excessed and fairly placed.

4. Suggestions for Improvement - John and I are always looking for suggestions for items for our updates or suggestions for improvement. These weekly updates are our primary regular communication with members, so please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions.

5. Mailing Lists - John and I alternate weeks for sending out our Updates. If you are not getting both, please let us know so that we can update our mailing lists.

6. Save The Date - In cooperation with the NEA, FEA HCR Europe is planning a Human & Civil Rights workshop--- April 24, 25, 26, 2009 in Kaiserslautern. The exact times and locations will be announced. We hope to be able to offer credit for this training.

This promises to be an excellent weekend and worthwhile for all FEA members.

7. FEA Annual Meeting/NEA RA Delegates - We often say that FEA is unique among the NEA's 51 "state" affiliates. One of the ways in which we differ from the other states is that, due to our worldwide locations, we hold our Annual Meeting in conjunction with the RA. This is the only time of the year that we are able to bring so many members from our world wide locations together to discuss the issues which face FEA and DoDEA. This year's annual meeting is June 30 & July 1st in San Diego. Any member is welcome to attend, so if you are going to be in the San Diego area during that time, check out the information on the FEA website and plan to stop by.

The three areas, Europe, Pacific, and Stateside, all send delegates to this meeting and to the NEA RA which follows. This election is underway now and ballots should be arriving in your schools. In addition, locals (or "clusters" of locals) with more than 75 members can also send a delegate to the RA. If your local has questions about sending a delegate, contact your Area Director or FEA Admin/Comm. More information is also available on the FEA and/or NEA websites.

8. Unity Publication - The next edition of the FEA Europe Unity will be printed and mailed to your FRS in March. In years without District Rep elections we publish two editions a year. The newest edition of the FEA Journal is available on line now if you have not received yours yet.

9. Read Across America - Are you ready for the big day? March 2nd is the official day, but what ever day you celebrate, have a great time! And don't think this is for only for elementary schools...Who says high school students won't get involved? High school students love reader's theater, and high school or middle school students can organize book fairs and read to elementary students. There are countless ways to celebrate the importance, and the JOY of reading.

On the Read Across America website,, you'll find new certificates, proclamations, bookmarks, and more. The site will soon feature new celebrity posters and trading cards featuring Selena Gomez, Kyla Pratt, Alek Wek, Drake Bell, and others.

Looking for Lesson Plans? Check out www.Read/Write/, a collaborative effort between the National Council of Teachers of English, the International Reading Association, and Thinkfinity. You'll find lesson plans for NEA's Read Across America and ideas for literary celebrations of your own.

10. Area Director Travels - John is traveling this week. Please excuse any delay in response to your emails to him. For your information, John will put out the Update next week on March 4. The following week, March 9-13 there will not be an Update since we will both be at the FEA Board of Directors meeting in Washington DC.

Thanks for all you do!


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel/Fax: 0611-44756234 or
0611-44756131 or DSN 337-6251