February 24 2010 FEA Europe Update

1. NEA's Read Across America
2. Transfer Program
3. Is Your SCD Correct?
4. What's Wrong With This Picture?
5. DDESS Information
6. Retiring Members
7. Area Directors' Travels
8. Stay Informed
9. HCR EEO Workshop
10. Dates to Remember

1. NEA's Read Across America - It's right around the corner - NEA's celebration of literacy and reading. While we work hard all year long to improve our students' reading and help to make them lifelong readers, this is a GREAT day to celebrate the JOY of reading! This is also a great day to get parents and community members involved at your schools. If you need some last minute ideas, go to Also, if you get good pictures of your "Read Across America" events, please send one or two of your best with captions or an explanation to FEA at

2. Transfer Program - We were informed last week that the deadline for applications was extended until Feb 24th (TODAY!) at 5 p.m. EST. Principals have until Friday, February 26, 2010 at 5:00 p.m. EST to certify and approve transfer program applications. HQ will post the vacancies no later than 5:00 p.m. EST, Feb. 26. Please remember that the deadline for amending transfer applications is still March 3rd (5 P.M. EST) Please continue to notify FEA of vacancies available at your schools so we can be assured that these are available for the transfer program. Don't forget, FEA members can take advantage of the FEA Transfer Application Verification Service...for more information, go to

Please note: Thanks to the teachers in the field who have pointed out corrections to be made in the application website. Currently "Fort Campbell Schools" are still listed as a choice on the Transfer Application. This is not correct...these are DDESS schools and are not part of the Transfer system.

3. Is Your SCD Correct? - Please don't wait until you wish to transfer or retire or some other important event... check to see if your Service Computation Date is correct and if it is not, start the process to correct it. DoDEA no longer handles the processing of personnel actions like this for Europe and the Pacific. Educators should contact DLA directly regarding any issues with incorrect SCD's. Here's the e-mail address for DLA:

4. What's Wrong With This Picture? - Why, when the majority of our students and teachers are in our ES's, are there NO summer workshop offerings for ES teachers? With all of the new Social Studies materials, why is there only one Social Studies course offered? Why, with ALL new standards this year, is there no professional development offered which supports those? For a world class school system, this is truly disappointing and shows a lack of commitment to REAL professional development.

5. DDESS Information - For those who might be interested in applying to DDESS schools, some information is attached about the differences between DoDDS and DDESS. More information and a link to applications can be found at:

6. Retiring Members - FRS's: If you will send a list of your retiring members to Deborah Gothia, via Outlook, we will forward that to FEA HQ so that those members can receive a certificate in appreciation of their service and membership. Please include an address where the certificates should be mailed.

7. Area Directors' Travels - Today I am visiting schools in Mannheim; next week I plan to visit PHV ES and Heidelberg MS. John will be attending the Transfer Round beginning March 8th, and both of us will be at the FEA BOD meeting March 15 - 19. John has upcoming visits (April 5-8) planned for Ramstein HS, Landstuhl E/MS, Sembach ES and MS, Kaiserslautern ES and MS, and Vogelweh ES. Visiting schools and meeting with teachers gives John and me a clearer view of issues and concerns from our members.

8. Stay Informed - In changing time like these, one of the most important things you can do is stay informed. In addition to these weekly FEA Europe Updates, the FEA President sends out his Report twice a month. The latest one was sent out last week and contains lots of relevant information. You can sign up to receive these directly by going to the FEA website. Also, be on the lookout for the latest edition of the FEA Journal, which will be mailed shortly.

9. HCR EEO Workshop - The workshop held in Mannheim this past Saturday was very well received by 34 enthusiastic participants. There were a lot of questions, comments, and opinions expressed. People were very appreciative of the opportunity to learn about EEO. Many thanks to Linda Callender, FEA Europe HCR Coordinator, Valerie SanJuan, Heidelberg District HCR, and Nancy Almendras, Heidelberg District Rep for promoting and organizing this event. Thanks, too, to all the members who devoted their time on Saturday for this important training. Finally, many thanks to Mr. Suddeth and Mr. Agosto of the DoDDS - Europe EEO office, for their presentations. The next workshop is scheduled for March 20th in the Bavaria District. Watch future updates for times and location.

10. Dates to Remember -
Feb 24 - Today! Deadline for Transfer Applications
Feb 26 - Deadline for FRS's to mail FEA Europe ballots
March 1 - Area JCC, Wiesbaden
March 2 - NEA's Read Across America -
March 3 - Deadline to amend Transfer Application
March 4 - Deadline to submit Transfer Application to FEA for verification
March 8 - Transfer Round begins
March 15 - 19 - FEA BOD Meeting, Washington DC
March 20 - HCR/EEO Workshop - Bavaria District - Linda Callender, POC

Thanks for all you do,


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel/Fax: 0611-44756234 or
0611-44756131 or DSN: 335- 5373/5369