February 18 2009 FEA Europe Report

1. Read Across America
2. Deadline for transfer application
3. Link to the transfer announcements
4. Members can find additional information
5. Questions about the Transfer Program
6. RA Delegate ballots
8. Sequitta Banks on Leave
9. Area Director travels

1. Please remember NEA' Read Across America. Resources and plans for this annual celebration can be found at:

2. The deadline for transfer application is February 25, 2009. We ask all FRSes to work closely with your Principal for the submission of vacancies. If you feel that a particular submitted slot is not correct, please ask. If you still disagree, please let your District Rep and your Area Director know about the questioned position. We have only about 40 excess positions for all of Europe. This Transfer Program has the chance to move a lot more people since there aren't so many excesses this year.

3. Link to the transfer announcements and the Transfer Program.
Click here

4. Members can find additional information such as "Tips for Transfers" at

5. A number of questions have come to us about the Transfer Program, specifically the schools listed on the web site. We have been in contact with DoDEA HQ about some schools that were listed but closed as well as some confusion about school names. The list on the site shows the school's full name. One name change members may not be aware of is that the official name for the school formerly called Yokota East is now Joan K. Mendel ES.

6. FRS's: Please be on the lookout for the RA Delegate ballots for your members. The ballots are on their way!

7. Since the end of the Semester several situations have come to our attention concerning grades or grading. Here is the wording form the Contract. In a couple of situations teachers have been told/directed to change the grades. If this happens, then the contract is clear as to the steps.

Section 1.
A unit employee may establish his/her own grading system. In such cases, the unit employee is responsible for translating the grading system to the Employer's. The unit employee's record of grades shall contain a key for translating his/her system to the established grading system in use.

Section 2.
Students' grades may be requested for review and approval by the Employer before grade reports are distributed to students or parents.

Section 3.
In the event that any grade is challenged, the unit employee shall explain and justify the grade assigned.

Section 4.
If the Employer takes action to change a student's grade without the consent of the affected unit employee or directs the unit employee to change a grade, a written statement from the Employer shall be provided to the unit employee, stating that the change in grade and/or the passing or failing of the student was done at the discretion of the Employer.

8. Sequitta Banks is on Leave tending to their new born daughter. Jan Freeman is currently covering for Sequitta until her return.

9. Chuck will be in Heidelberg today, Feb 18th. John's up coming travel information: Ansbach EA 20 Feb. evening meeting, 21 Ramstein High School, FEA Local Leaders Training, 23 Sembach Schools with an after school meeting, 24 Bitburg schools 25 Spangdahlem schools , 28 Spangdahlem MS Media Center FEA Local Leaders Training 1000-14:00. As always, please excuse any delay in our response to your emails while we are traveling.

Respectfully submitted,

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FEA Europe Area Director
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