February 14 2012 FEA Europe Report

February 1, 2012

1. Staffing, Excessing, and Placements
2. Transfer Information
3. Area Directors' Travels
4. European Sports
5. Unity
6. Enrollment Numbers
7. The Local
8. Summer Storage
9. NEA Read Across America
10. The Elephant in the Room
11. Mark Your Calendars
12. Member Benefits
13. FEA Europe Officer Candidates Listed
14. The Other FEA
15. Europe February HCR Newsletter
16. Update
17. Leap Year and Technology
18. Final Word

1. Staffing, Excessing, and Placements -- This is one of the most difficult and stressful times of the year in our schools. FRS's should be working with your Principals to ensure that staffing, excessing, and the reporting of vacancies are done correctly. Each District is setting the date for the District Placement of excesses, etc. so please contact your District Rep if you have questions or to let them know of vacancies in your school for next year.

2. Transfer Information -- (from the FEA President's report) FEA's transfer guru, Connie Shanaghan, has posted a list of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about the DoDDS transfer program. FEA members can access those FAQs (login is required) by going to FEA's Transfer Information Page at Connie is currently working on her annual Tips for Transfers, a valuable resource to help you maximize the chances of getting the transfer you want. We will be posting those tips on the FEA web site in the days ahead and we will send out notice when they are available. Both the transfer FAQs and Tips for Transfers are provided exclusively for FEA members. Remember, the deadline to apply to this year's DoDDS transfer program is February 24, 2012. The first round is scheduled to begin March 14, 2012. Go to to view this year's transfer agreement between FEA and management and to examine other resources.

3. Area Directors' Travels -- Lisa will be traveling to Germany this week to visit schools in the Wiesbaden District. Her itinerary is attached. I will be joining her in Wiesbaden at the Area office.

4. European Sports - Over the next few weeks the European Finals will be held for several high school sports. As a former DoDDS coach I know that this is an exciting time for both coaches and players alike. Our coaches are very hard working and deserve lots of credit. If you are free and in the area you might want to check out one of the tournaments listed below:

  • Boys and Girls Basketball Feb. 22 -- 25 Wiesbaden
  • Wrestling Feb. 17 -- 18 Wiesbaden

Rifle Teams completed their Europeans on January 28. Congratulations to Patch HS ! Patch and Vilseck both moved on to the Army JROTC Air Rifle Championship in Anniston, Alabama ,and Camp Perry, Ohio, respectively. These competitions were held on Feb. 10 and 11. The final results were that Patch finished 3rd of the 25 finalists and Vilseck 9th. Congratulations to both squads and their coaches.

For the other tournaments, check Stars and Stripes as they get closer for exact times.

5. Unity -- The February 2012 edition of the Unity has now been mailed. If you do not receive them by February 13 please let either Lisa or me know immediately. Please be aware that in the meantime the Unity has already been posted on the FEA website, referenced above. Profiles of all candidates for FEA Europe offices can be found there.

6. Enrollment Numbers - This week's Update contains revised enrollment numbers as well as information and links to all DoDEA schools. These are in the attachments above. For those contemplating transfer requests these attachments should prove useful.

7. The Local -- I found this website about a year ago and thought that everyone else had found it by now as well. However, I discovered that was not the case. Who is The Local for? According to the site itself, "In brief, The Local is for anyone who is interested in finding out what's going on in Germany and who reads English." You can find the current edition here: There is an interesting article concerning the current cold snap. The Local is also published in France, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

8. Summer Storage - (Thanks to Mabel Pettrie, HR specialist for the Heidelberg District, for this information.) Very soon, summer will arrive and the end of the school year will be upon us. Some educators will be taking RAT and others won't. However, whether you take RAT or not, or you just change residences, there is one thing that you can take advantage of during the summer recess, Summer storage.

It has come to my attention that some of you already have submitted your request for summer storage. Those who have not, I recommend you can start now. Starting now will help you accelerate your pack-out date on schedule. TMO gets very busy in May and June.

Below is the rule for Summer Storage.


Is a temporary storage of HHG authorized in lieu of Government quarters or quarters allowance for a minimum period of one (1) month and not to exceed the recess period between the two school years (JTR, Vol 2, C5195.C). The HHG stored under this entitlement, combined with HHG in non-temporary storage cannot exceed 18,000 lbs. total weight. Summer storage of HHG cannot exceed the start of the new school year.

Below is the step by step process you must take to request summer storage.

  1. You need to request orders via TOPS (Summer storage in lieu of LQA).
  2. One you receive your signed order from TOPS, you must take your order to TMO to set pack-out date and pick-out date. Make sure you receive a copy of your DD1299 from TMO.
  3. Submit via DAPS to stop LQA on the day of your pick-out date. You must attach DD1299 when you submit your request.
  4. Must have HHG packet up after the last day of school.
  5. Must have HHG in storage a minimum of 30 days.
  6. Must have HHG delivered to new home before the report date of educators for the new school year.
  7. Submit via DAPS to start your new LQA. You must submit DD1299 showing delivery date and your new rental contract.

Please remember that educators will not receive LQA or TQSA during this period. If the HHG remains in storage after the report date, then the educator may be liable for the storage fees. This would be determined by the TMO.

9. NEA Read Across America - Read Across America Day is the nation's largest reading event, occurring each year on or near Dr. Seuss's birthday (March 2). Learn more about Read Across America. It is not too early to begin planning events for your school.

10. The Elephant in the Room -- We are all aware of the news stories that have been circulating through the media recently dealing with a proposed restructuring of the U.S. Army in Europe. I have purposely not commented on it here as at this point whatever I write would be mostly speculation. Reports indicate that the situation should become clearer with the submission of the President's budget this week. In the meantime, FEA will continue to monitor events and will keep you informed. Try not to add any more stress to your life by envisioning the worst; it rarely works out that way. As always, for up-to-date and accurate information, go to .

11. Mark Your Calendars -

  • February 1 -- 29 -- Black History Month
  • February 13-19 - Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • February 20 -- President's Day
  • February 24 -- Deadline for submitting transfer applications
  • March 2 -- Read Across America (
  • March 12 -- 16 -- FEA BOD, Washington DC
  • March 14 -- Transfer Round scheduled to begin

12. Member Benefits -- Members often forget the multitude of benefits that are at their disposal. Everything from credit cards, saving plans, online courses, various insurances, etc. Check out the full range of these benefits at

13. FEA Europe Officer Candidates Listed - The list of 2012 candidates for FEA Europe Human & Civil Rights Coordinators, District Representatives, and delegates to this summer's NEA Representative Assembly in Washington DC is also now posted online at the FEA website . Ballots have been mailed. If any FRS has not received them yet please notify your Area Director. The deadline for returning the ballots is February 22.

14. The Other FEA -- Many people do not realize that there is another FEA which is very active in Europe -- the Future Educators Association. DoDDS-Europe FEA hosted its annual conference January 31 to Feb 3 in Garmisch, Germany. Eighteen high schools were represented. At the conference all 5 district teachers of the year gave presentations. All reports indicate that it was a very informative and productive conference. Check out the link for photos.

15. Europe February HCR Newsletter -- Some of you may have already received this, but in the event that you have not I am attaching it above. It contains information that I believe could prove very useful to all members. A thanks to Europe HCR Coordinator Alina Rozanski of Netzaberg MS for authoring this document.

16. Update - The next Update will be Lisa's on February 22.

17. Leap Year and Technology -- DoDEA SIS has received confirmation that both applications, GradeSpeed and Aspen, are configured to support the Leap Year. There should be no glitches. (Thanks to Greg Jackson of DoDDS-E, IT Division, for this information.)

18. Final Word -- New York Giants 31 New England Patriots 27 was my prediction two weeks' ago; the final was Giants 21 Patriots 17. Not too bad !


Alex Veto
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel: 0160 2388051