February 1 2012 FEA Europe Report

1. Staffing Documents
2. Transfer Information
3. Area Directors' Travels
4. Fasching
5. Unity
6. Enrollment Numbers
7. BAS Survey
8. Credit for BAS
9. NEA Read Across America
10. Black History Month
11. Mark Your Calendars
12. Early Notice Awards
13. FEA Europe Officer Candidates Listed
14. National School Counseling Week
15. Update
16. Final Word

1. Staffing Documents -- Staffing documents are now out and hitting the schools. FRS's should be working with the principals to review the staffing documents. At this point these documents should be kept between the FRS and the principal. There have been some mistakes and general distribution will only heighten anxiety, in some cases needlessly. The Area office has advised that should there be any need for revisions that these revisions will be sent out on Thursdays. Now is the time for FRS's to review the procedure for the excessing of teachers should your document indicate that this will happen at your school.

2. Transfer Information -- (from the FEA President's report) FEA's transfer guru, Connie Shanaghan, has posted a list of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) about the DoDDS transfer program. FEA members can access those FAQs (login is required) by going to FEA's Transfer Information Page at Connie is currently working on her annual Tips for Transfers, a valuable resource to help you maximize the chances of getting the transfer you want. We will be posting those tips on the FEA web site in the days ahead and we will send out notice when they are available. Both the transfer FAQs and Tips for Transfers are provided exclusively for FEA members. Remember, the deadline to apply to this year's DoDDS transfer program is February 24, 2012. The first round is scheduled to begin March 14, 2012. Go to to view this year's transfer agreement between FEA and management and to examine other resources.

3. Area Directors' Travels -- On January 24th I visited Grafenwoehr ES and on the 30th traveled to Wiesbaden for the Area JCC. In the coming weeks I will be traveling back to Wiesbaden for a meeting with returning Area Director Nancy Bresell, Dr. Dell McMullen, and Lisa Ali. Lisa will be present at that meeting and will be visiting Wiesbaden schools the week of February 13 -- 17. I am also trying to schedule additional school visits for February.

4. Fasching - As most of you are aware, it is now Fasching, or Carnival, Season in Europe. Many cities host large raucous parades , parties, and special events. If there are events planned in your area you should check them out. They mostly will center around the days of February 18 through the 20. The 20th is known as Rosa Montag and is the traditional end, with Wednesday, February 22 being Ash Wednesday. With thanks to the Grafenwoehr Weekly Newsletter there is a information on this season attached.

5. Unity -- The February 2012 edition of the Unity is now being placed in the mail. FRS's -- if you do not receive them by February 10 please let either Lisa and me know immediately. Please be aware that in the meantime the Unity has already been posted on the FEA website, referenced above. Profiles of all candidates for FEA Europe offices can be found there.

6. Enrollment Numbers - This week's update contains corrected enrollment figures and school information. This was supplied to us by David Brown, our FEA member in Sigonella, who originally created this spreadsheet program in 2005 and has been updating it yearly. Many of you remember Dave from his time spent in Germany. He has spent hours over the years keeping this updated, and we thank him for his continued service to FEA. We apologize for the erroneous information published in last week's update, and offer him our sincere apology and thanks.

7. K-3 BAS (Basic Skills Assessment) FEA SURVEY for K-3 and Specialists - Teachers, you have an opportunity to provide FEA your feedback on the BAS. Please go to The suspense date is February 6. FEA would like to hear from K-3 teachers, K-3 Special Education Teachers and all reading specialists who serve K-3. This is important!

8. Documenta -- (from Kevin Anglim, art teacher and FRS at Vilseck HS) - documenta is an exhibition of modern and contemporary art which takes place every five years in Kassel , Germany. I went to it 5 years ago and it was very interesting. Don't miss it or else you have to wait 5 more years! This year's starts in June but there are various lectures going on now. Below is the website for the show and all the information you will need to get there: admission prices etc.

9. NEA Read Across America - NEA's Read Across America will be here before you know it! This year it is on March 2. Go to for more information and for a variety of classroom resources that can be used to celebrate this event.

10. Black History Month - In the United States, Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by Black Americans and their role in U.S. history. Since 1976, every U.S. president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month. See Black History Month Lessons & Resources.

11. Mark Your Calendars -
February 1 -- 29 -- Black History Month
February 2 -- Ground Hog's Day
February 5 -- Super Bowl Sunday (And if you do not think that this is a holiday than you haven't been in the States recently on this day !)
February 6 -- 10 - National School Counseling Week
February 13-19 - Random Acts of Kindness Week
February 14 -- Valentine's Day
February 20 -- President's Day

12. Early Notice Awards -- The Early Notice Award for $1,000.00 is also being offered this year. The Early Notice Award is being offered to school level permanent professional educators. Please note - The deadline is February 12. Please see the attachment for a series of FAQ on this topic.

13. FEA Europe Officer Candidates Listed - The list of 2012 candidates for FEA Europe Human & Civil Rights Coordinators, District Representatives, and delegates to this summer's NEA Representative Assembly in Washington DC is also now posted online at the FEA website. Ballots have been mailed. If any FRS has not received them yet please notify your Area Director. However, bear in mind that the mail is unpredictable so be patient. We had a situation where two schools, side by side, had their ballots mailed on the same day and yet they arrived three days apart. The deadline for returning the ballots is February 22 so there is time.

14. National School Counseling Week - The American School Counselor Association supports school counselors' efforts to help students focus on academic, personal, social, and career development so they achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. For more information, visit the American School Counselor Association website

15. Update - The next Update will be Lisa's on February 8. In the meantime stay informed on any developments by visiting This is always the best place to visit for accurate and up to the minute information.

16. Final Word -- New York Giants 31 New England Patriots 27

Be careful out there ! The weather is frigid and getting colder. Think Spring !!


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FEA Europe Area Director
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