December 14, 2005 FEA Europe Update

December 14, 2005

1. NEWSLETTER DISTRIBUTION. Thank you to each school FRS for distributing this email newsletter and the other news items forwarded to them.

2. INCLEMENT WEATHER. I just want to remind everyone that the contract language on inclement weather is located in Article 22, Secton 4.B. "When schools close for students due to inclement weather or other emergencies and unit employees are required to report to the work site, a unit employee shall be administratively excused for up to one half day when such weather or emergency conditions prevent timely arrival. In determining whether emergency conditions warrant late arrival, the Employer shall consider the efforts made by the unit employee to get to work in a timely manner, taking into account the unit employee's normal commute and normal modes of transportation used."

3. UNITY STATUS. The FEA Europe magazine, "Unity" will be in mailboxes over the holidays, not before, as planned. We had hoped to send these out early but due to ill health experienced by FEA Europe staff and at the printers, we will be unable to do so.

4. CERTIFICATION RECIPROCITY. I have received a couple of questions again about certification reciprocity. I am rerunning an item I used a few months ago. "The NASDTEC agreement enables DoDEA teachers who hold valid DoDEA teacher certificates to be considered for teaching positions in the states where there is a reciprocity agreement. The majority of states will hire and allow educators with out of state certificates to work for a number of years on a Provisional or Temporary Licensure. The educator is then given (an average) of 2.4 years to meet wth specific state's requirements." DoDEA has signed the current NASDTEC Interstate Agreement. You can find the agreement at the NASDTEC website: Please let Patty Lesjak-Davis know the location and name of the official involved, if your DoDEA certification is not recognized as an "out of state" certificate.

5. SEPARATION INCENTIVE. The FEA District Representatives forwarded to each school FRS a copy of Dr. Tafoya's memorandum entitled "Seperation Notice Incentive" dated December 9, 2005. According to the memorandum, a Request for Personnel Action (RPA) needs to be submitted to the school administrator by January 17, 2006. Also included in the memorandum is this sentence, "Voluntary Seperation Incentive Payments (VSIP) will not be offered this school year."

6. LONGEVITY SWITCH. I'm passing along another bit of information I received from Paul Wolfe in answer to the question, "What year did we switch to staying 4 years and begin the longevity steps at 14?" According to Paul, this occured in the 92-93 school year.

7. ID NUMBER. For those of you who cannot find your FEA membership card and ID number, it is shown on the FEA Journal and NEA Today, when you receive those publications. You will need your ID number to access the member's only sections at

8. LQA SITE. Thank you to Shawn Gale for sending the DoDEA link for checking LQA rates.

9. TIMELINE NOTICE. Ballot packets for FEA Europe District Representatives, Human and Civil Rights Coordinator and Representative Assembly delegates will be mailed to each school FRS by the first week after winter break. To be counted ballots must be returned to the school FRS by February 1, 2006 or by the date the FRS indicates. Each school's returned ballot package must be postmarked no later than February 3, 2006. If an FRS has not received a school ballot packet by January 3, 2006, please contact your FEA Area Director.

10. LEGAL UPDATES. You should have received FEA Legal Updates 1 and 2 this past week. Number one concerned FEA action on the National Security Personnel System. The second update asked for feedback on the lowering of the maximum LQA rate.

I wish you a happy and safe Winter Break. I look forward to communicating with you again in 2006.
In friendship,