December 13, 2013 FEA Europe Update

Lisa's FEA Europe Update

13 December 2013

1. Retirement Articles
2. Focus on the Contract
3. NEA Academy
4. Quote of the Week

Retirement Articles: I have attached several articles from This is an invaluable resource for retirement information including the latest TSP returns. It is free, so to sign up, visit the website listed above.

Focus on the Contract: This week's Focus on the Contract centers around Article 8, Staffing Procedures. Article 8, Section 1, states the following: When school vacancies exist and Employer has determined to fill the vacancies, the Employer shall first consider filling such vacancies with qualified unit employees in the a) school and b) school complex where the vacancies exist. It is understood, however, that the Employer may fill the vacancies from any appropriate source.

Teacher requested reassignments are addressed in Article 8, Section 2: Unit Employees who are interested in being considered for vacancies within their school or school complex will notify the appropriate Principal in writing each school year. The appropriate Principal is the Principal in the school where the vacancy exists. A school complex is defined as a school or group of schools within a specific geographic location listed under each country in the transfer program instructions. Unit employees must meet the qualification standards published by DoDDS for the pertinent school year for the positions for which they request consideration.

For the complete listing of Article 8, please refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which may be found in its entirety at You will need your membership number to log in.

NEA Academy: Another great benefit to FEA membership is access to many of the great programs offered by our parent organization, NEA. The NEA Academy offers many opportunities for online professional development for members who are seeking to obtain a Bachelor's or Master's degree, re-certify, or improve career performance. The NEA Academy if professional development that fits the needs of the member. For more information go to, to explore the possibilities for yourself.

Happy Holidays: I hope all of you have a happy holiday season and enjoy a much deserved break.

"I want to agitate, even as I am agitated."---Laura Towne, 19th century American reformer.

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Ali
FEA Area Director
Isles, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Cuba