November 8 2013 FEA Europe Update

08 November 2013

1. Retirement Related Articles
2. School Psychology Awareness Week
3. Focus on the Contract
4. FEA Europe UNITY
5. Quote of the Week

1. Retirement Related Articles: I have attached several articles from This is an invaluable resource for retirement information including the latest TSP returns. It is free, so to sign up, visit the website listed above.

2. School Psychology Awareness Week: Next week, November 11-15, if School Psychology Awareness Week. The theme for the week is "We're All IN! Teams Work!" More information on this topic can be found at The NASP has posted many resources that can be used during this week at

3. Focus on the Contract: Article 7: Changes in Working Conditions: Article 7 addresses proposed changes in working conditions of our Bargaining Unit Members. Article 7, Section 3, addresses changes at the local or school level. The Parties (Management and the Association) agree that at the school level, matters appropriate for discussion (personnel policy or practices or other general conditions of employment) are best resolved on an informal basis…The parties agree that the Employer and the FRS, upon request, shall meet to consult on such matters at reasonable times as may be necessary.

Article 7, Section 4: Proposed Management changes at any level which fall within the scope of bargaining shall not be implemented until agreement is reached with the Association unless the Employer is allowed to do so by applicable law, FLRA case decisions, or rules and regulation of appropriate authorities. Required implementation shall NOT waive the right of the Association to negotiate over the impact and implementation of such required changes.

For the complete listing of Article 7, or more information on how our organization works, please refer to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which may be found in its entirety at You will need your membership number to log in.

4. FEA Europe UNITY: The UNITY is in the mail and should be arriving at your school shortly. Included in this edition is election information for a variety of FEA Europe leadership positions, as well as delegate information for the annual NEA Representative Assembly. If you are interested in running for an FEA Europe office or the RA, please submit your application in accordance with the published guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact your District Representative or Area Director.

5. Quote of the Week: My quote this week is in honor of our friend, Nancy Almendras, who has been teaching the novel Ethan Frome (one of my favorites) to her English class.

"If only we'd stop trying to be happy, we could have a pretty good time."---Edith Wharton, American novelist

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Ali
FEA Area Director
Isles, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Cuba