November 5, 2014 FEA Europe Update

Alex's Update


1. Thanksgiving
2. Area Director's Travel
3. OPM Open Season
4. NEA Representative Assembly Election
6. Update
7. DoDEA Announces 2014 SAT Results
8. DoDDS Sports
9. American Education Week
10. Mark Your Calendars
11. ESP Day
12. Area JCC
13. Veterans Day
14. DoDDS Reunion
15. VERA/VSIP and Transfers

1. Thanksgiving -- Since I now have realized that this will be my last official Update prior to Thanksgiving I would just like to take a moment and wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday. I know that one of the many things that I am thankful for is the opportunity to work alongside all of you. So whether you are eating turkey or traveling to Turkey I hope you all have a great day and a restful break.

2. Area Directors' Travels -- This will be a very busy month of travel for me. I will fly to the US on November 14. There both Lisa and I will attend the FEA Board of Directors Meeting in Washington from November 17 through November 21. I will then be traveling to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving with my family. I plan to be back in Germany by December 1. Assuming that my CAC reader does not go haywire on me I will check mail on Outlook daily. Also, you can use to reach me. Please always remember that for the most breaking news to check on a regular basis.

3. Office of Personnel Management Open Season -Each year, Open Season runs from the Monday of the second full workweek in November through the Monday of the second full workweek in December. This year, Open Season runs from November 10, 2014 through December 8, 2014.This is an opportunity to change insurance plans and to elect other Federal benefits, such as the flexible savings accounts. While it is still a while away it doesn't hurt to start thinking about this now since the Open Season coincides with one of the busiest times of the year. For further information, click here. (You may remember that this was in my last Update. And it will be again! Don't want anyone to miss these dates if they are contemplating a change.)

4. NEA Representative Assembly Election: Shortly you will be receiving information about running for election as a delegate to the 2015 National Education Association Representative Assembly. This is America's biggest gathering of Educational Leaders all in one place. Over 15,000 attendees, representing 3 million National Education Association members nationwide and overseas, will meet at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida next summer. FEA Europe currently has 6 delegate positions to the RA, one from each division and one at-large delegate from each area. Check out the link below for news from this past summer's RA held in Denver, Colorado. (Thanks to Lisa Ali for this item.) NEA RA Info.

5. FSAFEDS - You MUST re-enroll in FSAFEDS each year to continue your participation. As mentioned above the Federal Benefits Open Season begins Monday, November 10 and ends on Monday, December 8. Don't forget to enroll! For further information go to the FSAFEDS home page

6. Update- We will always let you know if something newsworthy comes up. In the meantime, check regularly with for your best source for breaking news. My next Update will not come out until December 3 for the reasons detailed in #2 above.

7. DoDEA Announces 2014 SAT Results -- On October 7 DoDEA released the results of the 2014 SAT exam. You can view this document here: SAT results.

8 DoDDS Sports -- The fall sports season has now ended. Congratulations to all coaches and players, regardless of where they finished. As of Wednesday the 12th, if you listen closely, you will be able to hear the sounds of wrestling mats being rolled out and bouncing basketballs as the winter season gets underway. Note: The DoDDS Europe Football All Star Game will be played this Saturday, November 8 at 1600 at Kaiserslautern HS.

9. American Education Week -- In less than two weeks, November 16 through November 12, it will be American Education Week. To find out more about this week, click here: NEA American Education Week info.

10. Mark Your Calendars --
November 11 -- Veterans Day (Federal Holiday)
November 16 -- 22 -- American Education Week
November 19 -- ESP Day
November 17-21 -- FEA Board of Directors Meeting in Washington, D.C.
November 27 -- Thanksgiving

11. Education Support Professionals Day - Education Support Professionals (ESP) Day focuses on the importance of these school employees, who take care of students every day, making sure they have the tools they need to succeed in school. Education Support Professionals (ESP) Day was first celebrated in 1987, after NEA's Representative Assembly called for the creation of a way to honor the contributions of school support staff. In 2003, Karen Mahurin, then president of NEA's National Council of Education Support Professional (NCESP) members, led a successful campaign at the NEA Representative Assembly to change the ESP formal name from 'Education Support Personnel' to 'Education Support Professionals.' "The name change to 'professional' acknowledges the major contribution ESPs make to children and public education every day," said Mahurin, a secretary with 22 years of experience. "We impact the lives of children every day in our own special and professional ways." The name reflects a growing pride in the valuable role ESPs play throughout America's public schools. Today's support professionals provide invaluable services that enable students to learn in positive, supportive environments. ESPs are equal and essential partners in the education process.

12. Area JCC -- The next Area JCC is scheduled to be held in Wiesbaden on Friday, November 14. Also tentatively scheduled is the December JCC on the 17th. This will be the last JCC with Dr. Bresell.

13. Veterans Day -- Working on a daily basis with military families, we are very aware of the sacrifices these families make for their country. Veterans' Day, November 11 is an excellent opportunity to recognize the service of our military veterans. For a history of this important holiday, as well as resources on how to celebrate go to this site.

14. DoDDS Reunion -- The annual DoDDS reunion will be held July 16-July 19, 2015 in Oak Brook, Illinois at The Oak Brook Marriot hotel. For registration information please go to: the DODDS World Reunion site Register early as prices go up as the event gets closer.

15. VERA/VSIP and Transfers -- As reflected in the Area JCC published last week, there is no news at this point on VERA/VSIP. While most likely there will be VERA; VSIP is not assured for this year. FEA will stay in close contact with the Area office to make sure we get any news out on this as soon as possible. Last week there were meetings held in Washington regarding the possibility of a transfer round this school year and also, if so, what it might look like. Transfer information will likely appear first at .

Alex Veto
FEA Europe Area Director