November 5 2008 FEA Europe Report

1. Board of Directors' Meeting
2. Area Director Travels
3. Cuba Visit
4. GradeSpeed MOU
5. American Education Week
6. In-Service Proposal
7. HCR Program
8. Future Leaders Training
9. Important Reminder

1. Board of Directors' Meeting - As John reported last week, we had an excellent Board of Directors' meeting in DC recently. It is extremely helpful for us to be able to sit together and discuss the issues that are impacting our schools, to see the common threads, and to work together to address these issues for our members.

2. Area Director Travels - Last Friday, the end of the quarter for many of our schools, I visited the Mannheim complex to talk to teachers and work with several of the FRS's. This week I am again out of the office, traveling to schools in Belgium. On Monday, I had a good visit to our smallest school, Kleine Brogel. Tuesday I visited Brussels E/HS where we had a well attended lunch time Association meeting. Today and tomorrow I am in SHAPE and will return to Wiesbaden on Friday. Many thanks to the FRS's and local leaders who help with my school visits. Also, while I am "on the road," please excuse any delay in responding to your emails.

3. Cuba Visit - A special thank you to FEA President Michael Priser for his recent visit to our members in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. At least Michael did not bring a storm along with him as I seem to do when I visit there! Thanks also to the FEA members in G'tmo who gave Michael such a warm welcome.

4. GradeSpeed MOU - We regularly receive questions about GradeSpeed and the MOU concerning its implementation. That MOU, along with many others, is available on the FEA website.

5. American Education Week - Don't forget: November 16-22 is American Education Week. This is a great time to promote the importance of education in our rapidly changing world.

6. In-Service Proposal - The Association recently proposed an additional In-Service day be added within our existing school year. It is clear that many schools need all or most of the days currently allotted for SIP/CSI requirements, leaving little time for actual professional development. The Area Office has referred this issue to the HQ level where we will continue to work this concern. FEA understands the importance of timely and relevant professional development for all teachers.

7. HCR Program - NEA Human and Civil Rights (HCR) works for social justice for NEA members and their students. Its programs and services focus on improving the learning of students, who have been underserved by public schools, and ensuring a safe school environment for all students. The HCR program provides trainers to bring leadership programs to the state affiliates. HCR is also the lead unit within NEA for closing the achievement gaps--one of NEA's five strategic goals.

Linda Callender is our European HCR Coordinator and the districts are represented by Alina Rozanski, Bavaria; Valerie SanJuan, Heidelberg; David Cox and Wanda Gardner, Isles District; and Linda Ware-Brown, Kaiserslautern District.

8. Future Leader Training - In our continuing effort to provide more training for members, John Luchtman will be conducting a "Future Leader Training" in Baumholder on Saturday, November 8th in the Baumholder HS Media Center. The training will be from 10am till 2pm with the Association providing lunch. POC for this event is Micheline Huntley; please let her know if you are interested in attending so that information can be forwarded to John. This will be the fourth in a series of these trainings which have all been well received. FEA Europe plans to continue to offer them throughout the year in various locations.

<>9. Important Reminder - You MUST re-enroll in FSAFEDS each year to continue your participation. The Federal Benefits Open Season begins Monday, November 10 and ends on Monday, December 8. Don't forget to enroll! For further information go to the FSAFEDS home page Thanks to our NEA Director for FEA, Trudy Pollard for this reminder.

Thanks for all you do,


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
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