November 26 2008 FEA Europe Report

November 26, 2008

2. FEA Annual Meeting/NEA RA
3. Educational Leave Without Pay, Administrative Reemployment
4. USB "Thumb Drives"
5. Two educational web sites
6. LQA Rates
7. Fuel Ration Cards
8. FEA MOU on STAMP implementation
9. School visits

All applications for VERA must be submitted to the DoDDS-E Human Resources Office no later than 15 December 2008

FEA Annual Meeting/NEA RA -- The 2009 FEA Annual Membership and NEA Representative Assembly will be held in San Diego CA, June 30 - July 6. Because of our geographic diversity, this is the one chance each year we have to get FEA members from all of our regions together to get updated on association activities, ask questions of the FEA Board and staff, and make recommendations for our association. If you are interested in attending as a state delegate, the application form is in the recent edition of the UNITY. Please remember, applications must be postmarked by Dec 5th.

Reminder: The deadline for both the Educator and Administrator Educational Leave Without Pay and Administrative Reemployment Rights Programs is 15 December 2008 -- must be received in the DoDDS-E Human Resources Office no later than close of business that day..

USB "Thumb Drives"

Due to certain mitigation techniques we are implementing, we are not required to ban the use of USB devices on the DoDEA network at this time. Therefore, if the military services in your area are asking you to hand over your USB devices, please direct them to myself or to the local district Information Assurance Officer (IAO), listed below.

John Garceau
Chief, Information Assurance Branch
DoDDS-Europe, IT Division
DSN: 334-2462
CIV: +49(0)-6134-604-462

Two web sites you may be able to use in your classrooms.

The first is from
National Geographic Society
and the second is about Money Math.

The information on LQA Rates as listed last week did not reflect current data (Surprise! It was from the DoDEA Web site!) Please use this link for current (as of this writing) LQA Rates link provided by: Wally Wallbruch, Menwith Hill E/HS

During your Holiday Travels you may want some more information concerning the fuel ration cards. There was an article in the Stars and Stripes back in September. Link and reminder provided by Russ Caplener, Netzaberg MS.

Please find attached the FEA MOU on STAMP implementation (On-line Foreign Language Proficiency Assessment signed November 4, 2008.)

I will not be in the office Monday and Tuesday December 1st and 2nd as I will be visiting the four Ansbach area schools. Please accept my apology for a delay in responding to emails.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Respectfully submitted,


John Luchtman
FEA Europe Area Director
Federal Education Association
Work 354-6844 Civ 09721-4758012
Home Fax/Answering machine 09725-5372