November 16, 2011 FEA Europe Update

1. DoDEA News
2. Mid-Atlantic Regional Leadership Conference
3. Area Directors' Travels
4. FEHB Open Season
5. Article 10
6. FEA President Visits
7. It's That Time
8. NAEP Results
9. International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
10. Happy Thanksgiving !
11. Mark Your Calendars
12. Update

1. DoDEA News -- By the time that you receive this Update you will probably already have heard this news. However, to make it official, here is the posting released yesterday from the DoDEA website naming Marilee Fitzgerald as permanent director. FEA would like to extend congratulations to Marilee and looks forward to working closely with her as we move forward.

2. MARLC -- In an earlier Update we asked for names of educators who were interested in attending the NEA MARLC in Washington in January. We were overwhelmed by the response. Fifty five members sent their names in for consideration. They were all good candidates and making a selection of just 4 soon proved impossible. As a result we sent all the names to FEA Washington where names were chosen at random. They are :
MARLC Representative - Fred Hall
Minority Leadership Conference Representative - Terry McClain
Women's Leadership Conference Representatives - Amanda Schwerdt-Johnson, Deana Post

This is in addition to Linda Ware Brown and Evelyn Chew who will be attending for the second year of a two year appointment.

Congratulations to those selected. I wish that we could have sent all 55.

3. Area Directors' Travels -- Between now and Thanksgiving Lisa and I will be staying close to home. In the past 10 days though I visited all of the Baumholder schools and Vogelweh ES. (Thanks for the hospitality in all locations!) This past week I was at the Area office in Wiesbaden for the Area JCC.

4. FEHB Open Season - Open season for your Federal Employee Health Benefits in 2012 is now open until December 12, 2011. You should have received a number of announcements regarding open season. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) website can assist you with your decision for the upcoming season.

5. Article 10 -- As schools begun to look forward towards second semester, often changes in enrollment numbers force some involuntary reassignments. This can take various forms as outlined in Article 10 of the Negotiated Agreement as seen below. If this is occurring at your location please follow the guidelines in the Article.
The need to effect a reassignment is a right retained by the Employer. While involuntary reassignments shall be kept to a minimum, pursuant to the Employer's education mission, it may become necessary to involuntarily reassign a unit employee either from one school location to another school location or from one assignment in one grade/subject area to another grade/subject area with different qualifications standards from the grade/subject area currently being taught. Whenever possible, and if time permits, the Employer shall accomplish such reassignments through the use of qualified volunteers. Whenever qualified volunteers are not available, an individual may be selected for involuntary reassignment with as much advance notice as circumstances warrant. The written notice of involuntary reassignment will contain the following as a minimum:
A. reason(s) for the reassignment:
B. why the unit employee was selected:
C. an opportunity for the individual to give reasons why he/she should not be reassigned. In this statement, the individual should include any extenuating circumstances of a personal nature which she/he feels should be taken into consideration

6. FEA President Visits -- FEA President Michael Priser will be visiting many schools and complexes beginning on November 28. His schedule is below, but there are still some details to be worked out so check about your local event.
Monday, November 28, AFNorth complex (inviting Geilenkirchen and Klein
Brogel to attend if possible)
Tuesday, November 29, Spangdahlem complex after school; evening event
with Bitburg
Wednesday, November 30, Kaiserslautern complex after school in KHS
Thursday, December 1, Baumholder complex
Monday, December 5, Heidelberg complex
Tuesday, December 6, Ansbach complex (inviting Illesheim ES)
Wednesday, December 7, Hohenfels complex
Thursday, December 8, Vilseck
Friday , December 9, Grafenwoehr/Netzaburg
Monday, December 12, Bamberg
(Tuesday, December 13, Advisory Council on Dependent Education teleconference -- no school visits
Wednesday, December 14, Schweinfurt
Thursday, December 15, Wiesbaden complex

7. It's That Time -- As the temperature tells us it is now getting close to winter and as a result it is also Christmas Market season in Europe. As you well know the Stars and Stripes and local papers will begin publishing the dates on a regular basis. At this link you will find an article listing what is in this publications opinion the 10 best in Europe. I'll let you decide !!

8. NAEP Results -- Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) fourth and eighth grade students continued their strong performance on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2011 Reading and Mathematics Assessments. These results again demonstrate the quality of our system, our educators, and of course our students. You can read more here.

9. International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women - In 1999, the UN General Assembly designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. At least one out of every three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime - with the abuser usually someone known to her. Learn more by visiting the World Health Organization web site and the United Nations web site

10. Happy Thanksgiving ! -- As this will be my last Update before Thanksgiving I just want to take a moment to wish you all the best for the day and a relaxing mini-vacation. I personally am thankful for all of you and the jobs that you all do daily. I have attached above a little Thanksgiving thought provoker. Do not open around pre-schoolers !

11. Mark Your Calendars -
November 24 -- Thanksgiving Day
November 25 -- International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
December 10 -- Human Rights Day

12. Update - Due to my travels this Update is a day late. Next week being a three day week there will be no Update, The next Update will be Lisa's on November 30. In the meantime stay informed on any developments by visiting This is always the best place to visit for accurate and up to the minute information.


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