October 28 2009 FEA Europe Report

FEA Negotiated Agreement (Contract).
Congratulation to Susan Morris
Correction for Unity
The Unity has been mailed
Open Season
Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
Update on NSPS and FERS sick leave
OPM web site with Benefits and Administrative letters

We have received a number of requests for copies of our Negotiated Agreement (Contract). I have attached it here for your convenience.

For the latest news and information go to

I would like to add my "Congratulation" to Susan Morris: DoDEA Teacher of the year for 2010! Susan currently teaches at Boeblingen Elementary/Middle School and in the past Kaiserslautern High School and Patch High School. Again, Congratulations to her!!!

Correction for Unity: Nomination Forms - Due to an oversight the European HCR position was left off of the Nomination Form included in the Unity. You may add this position to the District HCR form if you are interested in this office. This position is a member of the European Area Council. For further information, please contact Chuck McCarter. Please accept our sincere apologies for this oversight.

FRS's: The Unity has been mailed and you should receive it shortly if you have not already.

The "Open Season" to make changes or start some benefits (i.e. Health Insurance) is November 9th through December 14, 2009. The only extension I am aware of is for the Long Term Care Insurance for those that currently have coverage under the previous plan.

The deadline date for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program "special decision period given to current enrollees" has been extended to Feb. 15, 2010. Due to the changes in premiums and other factors the Office of Personnel Management decided to extend this period for current enrollees only. I urge those who currently have the FLTCIP plan to look at your options and consider carefully!

Update on NSPS and FERS sick leave: A bill to abolish NSPS by Jan 1, 2012 goes to the President for his signature. This particular bill would also allow FERS employees to phase in the use of their sick leave to extend their retirement dates. Initially FERS sick-leave provision would be phased in over a 4 year time period. The phase in period would only allow up to 50 percent of FERS sick leave to be credited through December 13, 2013 with 100 percent after January 1, 2014.

Obviously, there are many questions in the field about the H1N1 virus, and how it impacts our schools and communities. We will get information out as soon as possible. Watch for information from DoDEA in the weekly packets and other channels of communication. For information from the military community, here is a site for information - Please remember, any decision to close schools is made by the military command, not by DoDEA. Also, please remember, that the school nurse, attendance clerk, or any other DoDEA employee are not to make a diagnosis. H1N1 cases must be confirmed by medical authorities.

This site is a bit technical and does not only apply to teachers but all DoDEA employees so be careful reading and understanding which ones apply to teachers. OPM web site with Benefits and Administrative letters
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