October 15 2008 FEA Europe Update

October 15, 2008

1. Board of Directors' Meeting
2. Area JCC/Area Advisory Council
3. FEHB Open Season
4. Future Leader Training
5. Member Benefits Meetings
6. Excent OnLine
7. American Education Week
8. DoDEA Teacher of the Year
9. Next Update

1. Board of Directors' Meeting - John and I will be attending the FEA Board of Directors meeting in Washington DC next week. (Oct 20 - 24) We will be working with the other Area Directors and Executive Officers to address the needs and concerns of our members. Excent, GradeSpeed, and technology issues will certainly be discussed. We normally meet with DoDEA officials during the week as well as various representatives of the NEA.

Please excuse any delay in response to your emails while we are attending this meeting.

2. Area JCC/Area Advisory Council - This is a week of meetings for us. John and I met with Ms. Ohman and Dr.Curtis yesterday for our monthly JCC meeting. Minutes from that meeting will be sent out shortly. On Thursday, we will be attending the Area Advisory Council meeting in Wiesbaden.

3. FEHB Open Season - Open Season for this year is coming up soon....November 10th through December 8th. The following link maybe helpful to you: OPM's FEHB site.

4. Future Leader Training - In our continuing effort to provide more training for members, John Luchtman will be conducting a "Future Leader Training" in Baumholder on Saturday, November 8th in the Baumholder HS Media Center. The training will be from 10am till 2pm with the Association providing lunch. POC for this event is Micheline Huntley; please let her know if you are interested in attending so that information can be forwarded to John. This will be the fourth in a series of these trainings which have all been well received. FEA Europe plans to continue to offer them throughout the year in various locations.

5. Member Benefits Meetings - Thank you to all those who helped facilitate the Member Benefits presentations in the various locations where they were held. Members responded positively to these presentations and we hope to provide more trainings in other locations at future dates.

Please remember, you can access NEA Member Benefits through the NEA Website. It is important to make sure that you have your beneficiary designated for the Complimentary Life Insurance (formerly Dues Tab.) You will find that by clicking on the Member Benefits link and then going to the tab for Insurance Programs.

6. Excent Online - Yes, EXCENT continues to be problematic to put it diplomatically, and our students and especially special educators are bearing the brunt of the burdens. Please document the problems and especially the amount of time that you are spending due to the new Excent. Work closely with your FRS and administrator. It is vital that we work with our FEA leaders and management on all levels on this issue.

7. American Education Week - Mark your calendars now....American Education Week is November 16 - 22. Plan now to use this week to celebrate the importance of education in our world.

8. DoDEA Teacher of the Year - Congratulations to Dorothy Goff Goulet, Kaiserslautern MS, on her selection as DoDEA's 2009 Teacher of the Year!

9. Next Update - Due to the BOD meeting next week, John will send out the next Update on October 29th.

Thanks for all you do,


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
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