October 1 2008 FEA Europe Update

1. EAC Meeting
2. 10 Years of Service
3. Local Leaders Training
4. Request for ISS Visit/Support
5. Excent OnLine
6. Member Benefit Presentations
7. Open Season for FEHB
8. Check Your SCD
9. President's Report
10. Pay Organizer

1. EAC Meeting - The European Area Council recently met in Wiesbaden. Your Area Directors, District Reps, European HCR Coordinator, UniServ attorneys, and guests met for two days to discuss issues impacting our members. The exchange of ideas, issues, and information was excellent. These meetings are an important part of FEA Europe's work for members. Dr. Linda Curtis, Deputy Director - DoDDS-E, also met with us for a productive discussion.

2. 10 Years of Service - During our recent EAC meetings, we honored one of our UniServ attorneys, Bill Freeman, on his 10th anniversary of working for FEA members. Bill works tirelessly to protect teachers' pay and benefits and is a great asset to our members.

3. Local Leaders Training - This past Saturday, we held a training session for members and leaders in Stuttgart. A thank you goes to the members at Patch HS for the great set up and warm welcome. Thanks also to all those members who participated to learn more about our organization. Knowledgeable and informed members make FEA stronger, so we hope to continue to offer these trainings throughout the year in different locations.

4. Request for ISS Visit/Support - If you believe a DoDDS-E Instructional Support Specialist (sometimes called Liaisons or Coordinators) can help or support you in some way, the request form is attached here. Please work with your principal to request this support or a school visit.

5. Excent OnLine - The implementation of Excent OnLine has been very problematic. Please work with your school administrator, ET, etc. and keep FEA informed about problems which you encounter with this new software. FEA is continuing to work at all levels to lessen the impact of this implementation on our members.

6. Member Benefits Presentations - NEA Member Benefits presenter Michael Gavin is currently visiting a number of schools across DoDDS-E. Hopefully, if the feedback on these presentations is good, we can offer more in the future. There is a wealth of information on NEAMB programs on the NEA Website or go directly to

7. Open Season for FEHB - Open Season for this year is coming up soon....November 10th through December 8th. The following link may be helpful to you:

8. Check your SCD - If you believe your Service Computation Date is not accurate, please contact your Personnelist at your DSO to request a review of it. These SCD's are very important, so have it reviewed as soon as possible. If you have documentation to support the correction (Old LES's or SF-50s, etc) you should send copies of those to Personnel as well.

9. President's Report - Michael Priser's Oct. 1 President's Report contains important information about NSPS, the implementation of GradeSpeed, and much more. To sign up to receive that directly, go to

10. Pay Organizer - FRS's: Please watch for a separate email with another version of a Pay Organizer. This one is courtesy of FEA Member, Pam Westbrook, Alconbury ES. It is very important to track your pay and these organizers can help. For those of you who prefer to work with paper and pencil, there is also one in our FEA calendar.

Thanks for all you do,

Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel/Fax: 0611-44756234 or
0611-44756131 or DSN 337-6251