January 6 2010 FEA Europe Update

SY 2010-2011 Transfer Program
Social Security Supplement
2010 ECP
Reminder Suspense for VERA and Ed Leave Programs
DoDDS schools by Country 2010 xls
Reimbursable mileage rate
NEA Academy Visiting Scholars Series
Applied Math and Science Education

1. DoDEA officials and the Presidents of the Federal Education Association and Overseas Federation of Teachers met last week to finalize the details of the SY 2010-2011 Transfer Program. DoDEA will conduct a full Transfer Program this year with no significant changes to the program from the previous year. The program application, instructions, and additional information will be posted on the DoDEA website. Applications are due to Principals by February 12th. The first transfer round is scheduled for March 8th.
The announcement was posted on December 23, 2009 and you can link to the transfer application at the following URL: The URL, according to DoDEA was suppose to be active starting this past Monday, January 4th! Application site:
Don't forget, Tips for Transfers will be available to members soon on the FEA web site.

2. I would like to clarify something that has caused some confusion to folks thinking about (VERA) retirement under FERS. You may be eligible for Social Security Supplement. First, you have to be of Minimum Retirement Age between 55 and 57 depending on the year you were born and retire with an immediate annuity, not a deferred annuity. Each year, a few months before our birthday we receive a Social Security Estimate notification. You will need the amount they anticipate you will receive if you decide to take SS at age 62. You can estimate the amount you may receive for Social Security Supplement using the following formula.
Take the number of years of FERS service and divide by 40 this will equal a percentage of the amount from the age 62 information from the Social Security notification mailing.
A real example would be 23 years of service divided by 40 = .575 times (x) $14,250.00= $8,193.75 or about $682.00 per month as the Social Security Supplement. This supplement is paid until the month before you turn 62 whether or not you decide to take regular reduced Social Security then or wait until your full Social Security age for retirement.
Years of service XX divided (/) by 40 = % times (x) amount from the SS mailing = yearly amount for Social Security Supplement. I hope that answers more questions than it creates! Please see attached PDF for FERS SS Supplement
For further information, contact your DSO Human Resources specialist.

3. Reminder: January 8, 2010 is the deadline for VERA and Ed Leave Programs.

4. Please find attached a spreadsheet covering DoDDS schools with enrollment, grade levels, district and web site links offered by David E Brown, Information Specialist, Sigonella MS/HS.

5. DoDEA is pleased to announce the 2010 ECP. The ECP is an internal career management program for current DoDEA, DoDDS and DDESS educators who are interested in applying for Principal and Assistant Principal vacancies in DoDDS and DDESS. Complete applications must be submitted to your supervisor by January 25, 2010. Current DoDEA principals and assistant principals who are interested in a reassignment within DoDEA should apply to the ECP for reassignment consideration. Interested educators can access the ECP announcement at the following website:

6. The reimbursable mileage rate has dropped as of Jan. 1, 2010 ($0.50)

A couple of Education sites and links:

7. NEA Academy Visiting Scholars Series
These presentations focus on a variety of teacher quality and public education
issues including teacher preparation, national board certification, English
language Learners, and Closing the Achievement Gap. Nationally renowned
scholars share their past, current, and need for future research with
participants. Copies of the research briefs and PowerPoint presentations are
available for downloading.
You can access all the presentations at

8. Applied Math and Science Education Repository (AMSER):
AMSER is a portal of educational resources and services built specifically for use by those in Community and Technical Colleges but free for anyone to use.
AMSER is funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the National Science Digital Library, and is being created by a team of project partners led by Internet Scout.

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