January 30 2019 FEA Europe Update

Terry's Update

30 January 2019

1. Excess FAQs coming soon
2. RAT 2019 info
3. Creditable Service
4. 2020 Awards for Teaching Excellence
5. IRS Forms and Publications
6. HCR Newsletter
7. Mark Your Calendar
8. Area Director's Travels

1. Excess FAQs -- As this comes to you, our transfer/excess ‘guru' Connie Shanaghan is writing up as many FAQs about excessing procedures as possible. As we all know it is a bit of a difficult time with the increase in PTR created by DoDEA which causes excessing of our colleagues around the world. It is at this time we all need to be together and help each other. In the coming months when other colleagues are retiring, and we know class sizes will increase for next year, it is important to have the compassion as well as unity our career has shown us is important. Stay strong, stay together, and FEA will continue to work on our behalf for better conditions.

2. RAT 2019 -- We are currently working with the area office to get information, and hopefully, step-by-step instructions as to what to do when applying for RAT for 2019. Please do not apply before February as we hope to have the information out to you near the beginning of February. It was complicated last year and we are attempting to avoid that process for members this year. We are also working on the process of getting reimbursed upon return, so stay tuned for the information that should be sent in February.

3. Creditable Service Computation -- Creditable Service is service that can count toward retirement. Should you have a question about other service that may count toward retirement, you can check these sites to know for sure.
Employees covered under FERS
Employees covered under CSRS

4. 2020 Awards for Teaching Excellence - Attached you will find the guidelines for nomination for this award. The attached Word file contains info about how individuals can nominate themselves to be FEA's candidate for the 2020 NEA Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence, which will be presented in February of 2020. As always, FEA has the option of submitting one name for consideration as our state nominee. The NEA Foundation then makes its award selections based on nominations submitted by the NEA state affiliates. If you are interested you need to submit your nomination form and application by APRIL 1, 2019 to FEA headquarters. Email your forms to this address

5. IRS Forms and Publications -- As tax season approaches, this site has all of the forms and publications that you will need to complete your 2018 tax filing. Most can be done electronically. Also, be aware that most military installations offer tax services for civilians at no cost--check with legal office on your base/post. Find IRS forms here

6. HCR Newsletter -- This issue contains information about our racial equity work with NEA, an update on the Diversity in Hiring Workgroup, Black History Month resources, links to previous newsletters, and contact information for HCR advocates. Find the HCR Newsletter here

7. Mark Your Calendar
February 1-28 -- Black History Month
February 2 -- Marksmanship (Kaiserslautern)
February 2 --- Ground Hog Day
February 4-8 -- National School Counseling Week
February 9 -- Wrestling (sectionals)
February 15-16 -- Wrestling (Europeans) (Wiesbaden)
February 20-23 -- Cheer (Wiesbaden)
February 20-23 -- Basketball (Wiesbaden)

8. Area Director's Travels -- The area JCC was recently held, and those minutes should be out next week. You can always get up-to-the-minute information from and we hope you will logon to see what's up.

Terry McClain
FEA Europe
Area Director