January 27 2014 FEA Europe Update

Lisa's FEA Europe Update

27 January 2014

1. Focus on the Contract
2. Important Websites
3. FEA Europe Election

1. Focus on the Contract: This week's Focus on the Contract centers around Article 12, Grievance Procedure. This article is established to provide unit employees with an opportunity to raise matters of concern or dissatisfaction for informal and, where appropriate, formal consideration and resolutions.

Article 12, Section 4, states the following: "The parties agree that informal resolution of unit employees' grievances is desirable. To this end, unit employee(s) and/or their Association representative(s) should present any grievance informally to the supervisor prior to reducing a grievance to writing. Such informal presentation should take place within seven (7) calendar days of the act or incident giving rise to the grievance. The supervisor should arrange for a meeting within five (5) calendar days of the informal presentation of the grievance to fully discuss the matter and to attempt informal resolution."

It should be noted however, that the contract states that step 1 is "desirable", not mandatory. In some instances, especially those related to pay issues, step 1 may be passed over in favor of going straight to step 2, filing a grievance.

2. Important Websites: I have received several requests recently for information regarding websites for allowances, etc. Below are several that are useful for teachers.

DoDEA HR - Online employee access for General Information
EBIS - Employee Benefits Information System
TOPS - Travel Order Processing System
My Pay
TSP - Thrift Savings Plan

3. FEA Europe Election: Very soon FEA members in Europe will be asked to participate in the election for FEA Local Elections, to include positions as Division Representatives and Delegates to the annual NEA Representative Assembly. Election materials will be sent to your school FRS by the end of January. FEA encourages all members to exercise their right to vote. Please read all election information carefully and if you have any questions, please contact your District Representative.

A corrected copy of the UNITY online magazine, containing candidate information, will be available shortly at

"Right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant."---Martin Luther King Jr., American Civil Rights Leader

Have a great week!

Lisa Ali
FEA Area Director
Isles, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Cuba