January 27 2010 FEA Europe Update

1. Staffing Documents
2. Transfer Information
3. Addition to the Transfer Program
4. Area Director's Travel
5. Unity and Election Mailings
6. ISS Members
7. Area JCC
8. Phone Numbers
9. Important Dates to Remember

1. Staffing Documents - This week, staffing documents finally began arriving in schools. This is often a very stressful time in our schools. FRS's should work with your principals to see how this working document impacts on your current staff, and what vacancies or excesses may result. If you have questions, contact your District Rep. FEA will work to insure that any excessing is done in accordance with our contract and MOU's and that all vacancies are accurately reported for the Transfer Program.

2. Transfer Information- While some are concerned about Winter and impatiently awaiting Spring, for many the important season is Transfer Season! For the latest news, and BEST information and guidance, go to FEA's Transfer Information Page.

Members, please remember to send your transfer questions to Connie Shanaghan, our "Transfer Guru." Connie has been working with the transfer program for many years and is well versed in the complicated issues and questions surrounding transfers. Members who have questions can contact Connie by writing to Put "Attention: Connie" or "Transfer Question" in the subject line and copy your District Rep as well.

Connie's "Tips for Transfers" are available on the FEA website. You will need your membership number to log in to this portion of the website.

If you are an FEA member, we hope you will take advantage of FEA's Transfer Application Verification Service. If you mail (address below), fax (202-822-7867), or email ( a copy of your application to us, we will verify that your application is included in the Transfer Program. PLEASE SEND ONLY THE FINAL VERSION OF YOUR TRANSFER APPLICATION. The Deadline for this is March 4, 2010.
The address is…
ATTN: Transfer Verification
1201 16th Street, NW
Suite 117
Washington, DC 20036

PLEASE NOTE: submitting a copy of your application to FEA for monitoring does not mean you have applied for the Transfer Program. To participate in the Transfer Program you must submit your official transfer program application and any amendments via the DoDEA Web site. (The deadline for submission of applications to your principal is 5 p.m., Local time, February 12. Deadline for revisions is 5 p.m. EST, March 3.) Once you are sure you will make no more changes, you should then send a COPY of your FINAL application to FEA for monitoring.

3. Addition to the Transfer Program - DoDEA has reached an agreement with the Federal Education Association (FEA) that authorizes Domestic Partners and Same Sex Married Couples to request joint assignments for the 2010-11 School Year under the provisions of the DoDDS Teacher Transfer Program. (See the Transfer Information Page for more information and links to the MOU) This authorization helps ensure equitable employment opportunities for all of our teachers and employees. Employees who meet the criteria outlined in the agreement may now compete for available transfers on the same basis that's been provided for many years to married DoDDS educators. DoDEA will amend the Transfer Program Announcement and alert Principals and teachers of this change.
This information is posted to the HQ DoDEA Human Resources web site above the announcement of the Transfer Program.

4. Area Director's Travel - Recently, I was lucky enough to visit our schools at AFNORTH, SHAPE and Brussels. Many thanks to all our FRS's and members who made my visit so positive and productive. It was exciting to see the energy and enthusiasm our members bring to their classrooms. Next week, I hope to be able to visit schools in the Stuttgart area.

5. Unity and Election Mailings - FRS's should be on the look out for the latest edition of the Unity as well as ballots and other election materials which have been mailed to you. Members: PLEASE NOTE - Due to a printing error, some candidates' biographic information was accidentally omitted from the January 2010 FEA Europe Unity newsletter. For complete biographies of the candidates, follow the links below. FEA apologizes for the error.

6. ISS Members - There is special information in our latest Unity for our newly established unit, our Above School Level members. If you do not receive your Unity and election materials by the end of the month, please contact me.

7. Area JCC - John and I met with Dr. Bresell and Mr. Dellacroce yesterday for our monthly JCC meeting. We will have the minutes out as quickly as possible.

8. Phone Numbers - Please note that the phone numbers for Wiesbaden MS where my office is located have changed. The new numbers are as follows: DSN: 335-5373/5369, Civilian: 0611- 4080 373/369. My direct office line, 0611- 44756234 remains unchanged.

9. Important Dates to Remember:
Feb 12 - Deadline to submit Transfer Application (see item above)
Feb 20 - HCR/EEO Workshop - Heidelberg District - Linda Callender, POC
March 2 - NEA's Read Across America
March 3 - Deadline to amend Transfer Application
March 4 - Deadline to submit Transfer Application to FEA for verification
March 20 - HCR/EEO Workshop - Bavaria District - Linda Callender, POC
April 21-23 - European Area Council Meeting
April 24, 25 - HCR Workshop - Kaiserslautern - Linda Callender or Terese Sarno, POC's
May 2 - 8 - Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you for all you do,


Chuck McCarter
FEA Europe Area Director
Tel/Fax: 0611-44756234 or
0611-44756131 or DSN: 335- 5373/5369