January 23, 2015 FEA Europe Update

Lisa's FEA Europe Update

23 January 2015

End of the First Semester

Transfer Program & VERA/VSIP Announcement

NEA Member Benefits

Retirement Articles

A Little Trivia

Happy end of the First Semester: Today is a teacher workday in many of our European Schools. I hope your exam grading and data entry into the online reporting system goes smoothly, though I know that for many of you these tasks will carry on throughout the weekend. But most of all, I hope that all of you who have reported technology problems to me this week, have been able to get those resolved in order to complete your grades, etc.

Transfer Program & VERA/VSIP Announcement: By now all of you should have received and had a chance to review the Transfer Program and VERA/VSIP announcements.  Please continue to check the FEA website for the latest information as well as FEA's Tips for Transfers. Here is the link for the Tips for Transfers information:

You will need your FEA membership number to access this information. Your membership number may be found on your FEA membership card or on the address label on your latest issue of the FEA Journal.

NEA Member Benefits:  At our fall FEA BOD meeting in Washington, we were treated to a presentation by Michael Gavin, from NEA Member Benefits. It was very information and was a great reminder of just one more of the benefits we receive as members of the NEA. I encourage all of you to check out the following website from your home computer to see just what you might be missing.

Retirement Articles:  Links for retirement and other information are below:

Two 2014 Court Decisions Affect Federal Employees' Treatment of IRAs

Health Care Law Brings Changes to IRS Tax Forms

White House Releases Details of New Parental Leave Policies for Federal Employees

President Obama Provides Parental Leave for Federal Employees

3.8 Percent Federal Pay Raise in 2016 Proposed by Lawmakers

What Happens When Excess Contributions Were Made to More Than One Retirement Plan

2015 Federal Pay Tables Released by OPM

2015 Federal Leave Chart / Record / Calendar

New Online Tool: Estimate Your Retirement Costs

TSP: Is it risky to play it safe

Pre-Retirement To-Do List

Predicting the Future


 A Little Trivia:  Match the slogan to the drink.

Always One of a Kind                              a. 7-Up

Good Vibrations                                      b. Canada Dry

The UN-Cola                                          c. Sprite

Obey Your Thirst                                                d. Sunkist

Champagne of Ginger Ale             e.  Dr. Pepper

A vampire bat comes flapping into its cave covered in fresh blood.  All the other bats smell the blood and begin hassling him about where he got it. "Okay, follow me," he says and flies out of the cave with hundreds of bats following behind him. Down through a valley they go, across a river and into a forest. Finally he slows down and all the other bats excitedly mill around him. "Now, do you see that tree over there?" he asks. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" scream the bats. "Good!" says the first bat, "because I didn't."  ----from Man Walks into a Bar

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Ali

FEA Area Director

Isles, Kaiserslautern II, Stuttgart, Cuba