January 21 2009 FEA Europe Report

1. Cosmetology Program
2. Insurance Update
3. Suggestions for Updates
4. W-2 box explanations
5. W-2 reports
6. Name calling as a tactic to hurt
7. Recent School visits
8. I want to thank

1. DoDEA has informed us that they are discontinuing the Cosmetology Program at the end of this year. Personally, I see this as short sighted, since there are many important skills taught outside of our "College Prep" classes. We need to support ALL of our students including those who do not plan to attend college. FEA has been told that all Cosmetology teachers have been notified at this point. Those affected will be excessed if they can not be placed in their current schools under other areas they are certified to teach. Please contact your District Rep if there are problems during this change.

2. Insurance Update: For some FEHB plans, there are significant changes being made. Members are advised to look at co-pay for non-emergency surgery as well as whether or not military hospitals and clinics are recognized as preferred providers. As a result of these substantial changes, members are able to change Federal Employees Health Benefits carriers up until the end of this month, January. You can make a change by going into EBIS.

3. Suggestions for Updates or how we can improve them! Please let Chuck or I know as we are always looking to improve, not over whelm our members with information and better communication.

4. W-2 figures and box explanations are contained in the attached PDF document. Thank you to Jayne Short H.H Arnold High School teacher and Wiesbaden Education Association President for submitting this information!

5. W-2 reports are available via mypay!

6. We all work with students that think using name calling as a tactic to hurt or stir up trouble a web site aimed at ending name calling and providing school communities with tools to eliminate bullying will be found at:
I hope this helps! This was in the Jan/Feb NEA Today issue.

7. I would like to thank not only the members of Hoehenfels Elementary, Hoehenfels High School Vilseck Elementary and Vilseck High School but also their FRSes John Kerns, Joyce Dusenberry, Mark Clearwater and Tracy Thornbrugh respectively. The welcome and after school meetings were wonderful! I enjoyed speaking to all that were able to find the time for a visit. Additionally, I thank the Admin. from those schools. The greetings and discussions were helpful and I believe beneficial to continue open lines of discussion.

8. Last, I want to thank those of you that patiently waited for a response to your email questions while I was visiting schools. I plan to be in more schools in February.

Respectfully submitted,


John Luchtman
FEA Europe Area Director
Federal Education Association
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