January 18 2012 FEA Europe Report

1. Staffing Documents
2. Transfer Information
3. Area Directors' Travels
4. Important Information for K-3 Teachers and Reading Specialists
5. Europe HCR Newsletter
6. Right to Representation
7. Nominations Sought
8. Credit for BAS
9. Teachers Beware
10. Education Tech Trends
11. Mark Your Calendars
12. VERA and Early Notice Awards
13. FEA Europe Officer Candidates Listed
15. Update

1. Staffing Documents - We are still waiting for the staffing documents for SY 12/13. We will let FRS's know as soon as they are released. FRS's should then work with the principal on how the new documents will impact the staffing for your school.

2. Transfer Information -- (Latest information from FEA) ‘FEA and DoDEA Headquarters met last week on the DoDDS Transfer Program and continue to meet this week, but as of this writing (Tuesday afternoon in Washington DC), we still have a few minor details to work out before the details of this year's transfer program are finalized. We expect to reach agreement soon on these final details. We will send out additional information as soon as we have done so and the transfer agreement is concluded, hopefully later this week or early next week.' 

3. Area Directors' Travels -- At this point the only travel that I have scheduled is to the Area office in Wiesbaden on the 18th. I may try to tie this together with a school visit. Lisa has no trips planned at this time.

4. Important Information for K-3 Teachers and Reading Specialists -- (The following information is also from the Presidents Report that you can read in its entirety at ) ‘DoDEA Headquarters is conducting an electronic survey about the BAS (Benchmark Assessment System). FEA is opposed to the DoDEA survey and we urge our members NOT to participate. We object to the DoDEA version of the survey because it appears the questions were written in such a way as to provide confirmation only of the positive aspects of the BAS and avoid addressing problem areas, such as concerns about time constraints, violations of the BAS agreement between FEA and DoDEA, and negative impacts upon the classroom environment and student learning. We are opposed to any survey instrument that has been designed to reach a pre-determined conclusion, as this management-created survey clearly does.'

5. Europe HCR Newsletter -- Some of you may have already received this, but in the event that you have not I am attaching it above. It contains information that I believe could prove very useful to all members. A thanks to Europe HCR Coordinator Alina Rozanski of Netzaberg MS for authoring this document.

6. Right to Representation - According to a settlement agreement between the U.S. Army and the FEA in 1998 teachers have the right to be represented during any child abuse investigation. This settlement affirms that Weingarten rights will be respected by the military commands. The settlement was the result of an unfair labor practice charge filed in Bavaria against the United State Army Europe.
During the course of an investigation into suspected child or spouse abuse by DoDDS educators, an educator has the right to have a union representative present during any questioning of the educator by social workers, case workers, or other members of the Family Advocacy Program within the European Regional Medical Command when:
a. the educator reasonably believes that the questioning may result in disciplinary action against the educator; and,
b. the educator requests representation.

There is no requirement that the educator be advised of their right to have a representative present. The right to a union representative only applies to the actual questioning of a DoDDS educator and does not otherwise impact an investigation. Accordingly, when an educator is entitled to the presence of a union representative, the health care professional must decide whether to question the educator with a union representative present or proceed with the investigation without an interview of the DoDDS educator.

7. Nominations Sought -- The NEA Foundation Awards for Teaching Excellence recognize outstanding educators from throughout NEA. FEA can submit one member's name as a nominee for the award each year. To nominate yourself or someone else to represent FEA in this awards competition, see the complete nominations information document.
In order to be considered, a nominee's complete information must be submitted to FEA by February 15, 2012.

8. Credit for BAS -- Due to the hard work of several people in the Isles District the following news can be announced. It pertains to K-3 teachers. The credit will be earned through the University of San Diego. Thank you Jennifer Simmons, Mark Love, and others.

Great news
After lots of help from Jennifer Simmons at the ISLES Districts DSO, we have both been successful in getting the BAS Assessment Guide (for BOTH System I and 2) added to their book list. The link is below. Each book is for one credit. It's independent and you need to do a write up---see the sight for information on that---NOT ME!!!!!! Remember, you can only read one book on the list per enrollment period. With both Jennifer and myself also being successful in having USD add the continuums in the BAS kits to their reading list at the end of 2011, this would be 2 possible credits for kit 1 or 2 (one credit for your assessment guide and one for your continuum)--but remember, you can only read and get credit for ONE book on the list each university calendar semester (I believe they have 3 semesters per year).

To get into the list and registration from scratch:
  2. Hit the ‘Education' tab
  3. Hit the ‘Professional Development' tab
  4. Hit "Project Read" (it is not underlined--it's near the top of the body of the text)]
  5. Hit ‘Booklist' tab
  6. Scroll down to the ‘Early Childhood Section' (they are the first 2 books in that section--the continuums are in the same section a little further down

9. Teachers Beware - Thanks To Dianne Hodges, former FRS at Bamberg ES, for providing us with this useful article about the dangers of social networking for teachers. It gives a great description of what protection teachers do have in this area and what they do not. A word to the wise.

10. Education Tech Trends - The following article has been circulated in certain areas recently. It involves some of the tech trends that we can anticipate in 2012. Technology training for teachers will probably be a big push next year if even half of these trends hit our schools. Some of these might also make #9 above more important to read!

11. Mark Your Calendars-
  • January 25 - 29 - NEA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conferences, Crystal City, VA
  • January 27 -- Teacher Work Day
  • January 29 -- Third Quarter Begins
  • February 1 -- 29 -- Black History Month
  • February 2 -- Ground Hog's Day

12. VERA and Early Notice Awards -- As of today we have heard no further information on VERA, or the Early Notice Awards. As soon as any news comes out we will immediately notify you. Also, you can always check at for breaking news.

13. FEA Europe Officer Candidates Listed - The list of 2012 candidates for FEA Europe Human & Civil Rights Coordinators, District Representatives, and delegates to this summer's NEA Representative Assembly in Washington DC is also now posted online at . Ballots will be mailed shortly.

14. MARLC -- Next week we have several FEA leaders attending the Mid-Atlantic Regional Leadership Conference in Northern Virginia. We wish them safe travels as they attend this valuable conference and ask for your understanding should you try to reach them during that time..

15. Update - The next Update will be Lisa's on January 25. In the meantime stay informed on any developments by visiting This is always the best place to visit for accurate and up to the minute information.


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