January 14, 2015 FEA Europe Update

Alex's Update


1. Welcome Back
2. Area Director's Travel
3. Mileage Rates
4. Congratulations
5. Staffing Documents
6. Update
7. IRS Forms and Publications
8. Honor Jazz Fest
9. Mark Your Calendars
10. Area JCC
11. Open Season
12. Martin Luther King Day -- Day of Service
13. Transfers/VSIP/VERA
14. European Election Information
15. HCR Update

1. Welcome Back -- Although we are now in the second week of school since break this is the first Update for me in 2015, so now let me officially say Welcome Back! I trust that you all had a wonderful break and a well-deserved rest. Now looking forward we have many challenges ahead of us, but with the team around us I am very optimistic that everything, as much as possible, will turn out for the best.

2. Area Directors' Travels -- With the publication of the Unity and the conducting of the election for the Representative Assembly, I will be quite busy over the next few weeks and unable to make any school visits. However, once these tasks are completed I will be setting up school visits beginning next month.

3. Mileage Rates -- The US General Services Administration has issued new mileage rates for 2015. For anyone who has to use their POV for work it is worth your time to check this out. Mileage rate info.

4.Congratulations -- FEA wishes to express congratulations to Dr. Joan Islas for being named the interim Director of DoDDS --Europe. FEA looks forward to working with her in a fruitful and positive way.

5. Staffing Documents -- Staffing documents were released just prior to the Winter Break. All FRS's should now have the document for their school. FRS's should now work with their principal on how the new documents will impact the staffing for your school.

6. Update- We will always let you know if something newsworthy comes up. In the meantime, check regularly with for your best source for breaking news. My next Update will be out on or about January 28.

7. IRS Forms and Publications -- As tax season approaches, this site has all of the forms and publications that you will need to complete your 2014 tax filing. Most can be done electronically. Here is the link to the site. I know that a number of you, for a variety of reasons, like to file early.Click here.

8. Honor Jazz Fest -- The DoDDS-E annual Honor Jazz Fest will be held on January 15. It is well worth attending if possible. The concert is scheduled for 1900 at the:
Festhalle Landstuhl
Kaiserstrasse 39
66649 Sickengenstadt Landstuhl

(Thanks to Lucky Moore of the Area office for the above information.)

9. Mark Your Calendars --
January 19 -- Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 22 -- Second Quarter Ends
January 23 -- Teacher Workday (No meetings!)
January 26 -- Third Quarter Begins
February 1 -- 28 -- Black History Month

10. Area JCC -- As of this writing there is no Area JCC scheduled for January. However, now that we know that we will be meeting with Dr. Islas we will plan one.

11. Open Season -- During the recent Open Season many of you may have made changes to your benefits. These changes should have been reflected in your upcoming LES. Please check to see that they are correct.

12. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Day of Service - This federal holiday, celebrated this year on January 19, honors Reverend King's life and commitment to equality and unity. Celebrated simultaneously, the Day of Service encourages citizens to follow King's words: "Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve." Read more at the following site. Also at this site you can find helpful tools to use in your classroom.

13. Transfers/VSIP/VERA - We are being told by DoDEA Headquarters that they are working on setting up the online application software for the transfer program and they hope to formally announce details of the program sometime next week. FEA will of course post the transfer announcement as soon as it is released. DoDEA is expected to release information on VSIP/VERA offerings and the application process next week as well, probably a few days prior to sending out the transfer program announcement. Next week is shaping up to be a busy one! (This is an excerpt from the President's Report of January 9. This is the latest news that I have at the time of this writing. We expect more information imminently.)

14. European Election Information - Election information packages are being prepared now for distribution to schools in FEA Europe. Ballots will be mailed to FRS's in early February, 2015. Ballots must be postmarked for return to the Area Director's Office by March 13, 2015, with the results published by April 3, 2015. The only contest this year in Europe is for delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly. The following are the European candidates for the NEA Representative Assembly to be held this July in Orlando. Voting timelines and other information can be found above. A special Election Issue of the Unity will be published on-line shortly with further information on the candidates and instructions on voting.

Bavaria Division -- Kevin Drury, Michael Priser

Isles Division -- Melinda Newport, Anita Lang, Wanda Gardner

Kaiserslautern 1 (South) Division -- Pam Garrett, Micheline Huntley

Kaiserslautern 2 (North) Division -- Lahoma Hendrix, Nancy Almendras, Amy Rush

All Division ballots will contain a space for write-in candidates.

15. HCR Update -- Attached is the European HCR Info sheet for January 15. Thanks to Alina Rozanski, our FEA European HCR Coordinator.

Alex Veto
FEA Europe Area Director