FEA Board Officer Campaign Page

Per the FEA Campaign Guidelines approved by the FEA Board of Directors, candidates for FEA Area Director positions were permitted to submit one campaign flyer for posting on the FEA Web site.

The names of the candidates for each Board office to be elected this school year are listed below, in the order they will appear on the ballot (as determined by random draw). Clicking on the candidate's name will take you to the flyer the candidate submitted.

Candidates for FEA Area Director Offices

Candidates for FEA Director for DDESS

Candidates for FEA Pacific Area Director

Candidates for FEA Europe Area Director

Ballots for the election of each Area Director position will be mailed to Active members in the respective Areas on January 16, 2020. Ballots must be RECEIVED in Washington DC by March 24, 2020, in order to be counted.